Nairobi, Kenya – April 26, 2024 - Hekima University College (HUC) marked the conclusion of its academic year with a vibrant and reflective assembly, celebrating the college’s achievements and milestones.

This special event, held under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Marcel Uwineza, SJ, highlighted the institution's journey over the past year, culminating in the celebrations of HUC’s 40th anniversary which began on September 14, 2023.

The assembly showcased various activities and developments that took place throughout the year, organized by committees formed by Dr. Uwineza. These included the planning for HUC’s 40th anniversary, a women's conference, a memorial conference in honor of the late Prof. Laurenti Magesa, and the launch of a music CD, among others.

The event was attended by prominent figures including Rev. Fr. Simon-Peter Kamomoe, Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, and Rt. Rev. Rodrigo Mejía Saldarriaga, S.J., Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Soddo, Ethiopia. Ms. Margaret Muhoro, Chairperson of HUC’s Governing Council, and other dignitaries, faculty members, and collaborators also graced the occasion.

Sr. Jacinta Auma Opondo, FSSA, the first woman Deputy Principal for Academic Affairs at HUC, delivered the introductory speech. She attributed the success of HUC at 40 to the collaborative spirit and teamwork that defined the year. "The experiences of this year have enriched us and will undoubtedly serve as a foundation for future growth," Dr. Opondo stated.

During the event, various significant milestones were highlighted:

1. Thanksgiving: Acknowledging divine guidance throughout the academic year.

2. CD Launch: Unveiling of the students' music CD.

3. Faculty Appreciation: Recognizing faculty members who are taking a break.

4. Awards: Celebrating outstanding academic performance.

5. New Initiatives: Launching the African Chair in Theological Studies.

Rev. Dr. Marcel Uwineza, SJ, Principal of HUC, proudly announced that Hekima School of Theology has formed nearly 2,000 priests and other ministerial servants over the past four decades. He also highlighted new centers of excellence within the college, including the Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa (JHIA) and the Center for Research Training and Publications (CRTP). HUC’s collaboration with the Hilton Scholarship Program and the Jesuits of Eastern Africa aims to elevate the college to a full-fledged university. Additionally, HUC hosts the Jesuit Centre for Safeguarding in Africa (JCSA) and the newly established Center for Interfaith Studies in Africa.

An academic chair themed "Engaging African Studies for Integral and Sustainable Development through Contextual Theological Studies" was launched, with Rt. Rev. Rodrigo Mejía Saldarriaga, S.J., being the first to hold the position. This chair will be rotated among prominent African theologians.

The newly composed Hekima Anthem, written by Rev. Dr. Stephen Eyeowa, SJ, was performed for the first time. In his speech, Dr. Eyeowa emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary inquiries in theology and the significance of contextual studies in HUC’s educational approach.

The assembly also featured a sermon by Auxiliary Bishop Rev. Fr. Simon-Peter Kamomoe, who underscored the role of education in improving individual lives and fostering a deeper relationship with God and others. He encouraged educators to be guided by the Holy Spirit in their mission.

As the academic year drew to a close, the celebrations highlighted HUC’s progress and set the stage for future achievements. The event reaffirmed HUC's commitment to excellence and its vision for growth, echoing the words of one of its founders, Very Rev. Fratern Masawe, S.J., about the college’s mission to use knowledge and experience for the betterment of Africa and the world.

Hekima University College invites partners and stakeholders to join in realizing its founders' dreams, continuing the journey from better to best.