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A Universal Vocation

You’ll find Jesuits in every continent, in every colour, in every activity. Our universal vocation is to go anywhere in the world where there is hope for God’s greater glory.

While most people encounter Jesuits locally in schools and other ministries, when one becomes a Jesuit, one joins the universal Society not a particular province and so Jesuits commit themselves to being available for mission anywhere.

What unites us all in our diversity is our connection with Jesus Christ and the Gospel. This is the source of the creativity of the Society and of the people with whom we share the mission as Superior General, Arturo Sosa SJ, affirms.

The Superior General

The Superior General of the Society of Jesus is elected to serve as head of the Jesuits across the world. His office is in Rome, Italy. The present Superior General is Fr Arturo Sosa from Venezuela; he was elected in 2016.

Along with Jesuits and other partners in mission working in the headquarters he helps Jesuits to realise the mission to be joyful agents of the Gospel and servants Christ’s mission. The Society’s is for the greater glory of God.