Ignatian Spirituality

Pathway to deeper prayer bringing people closer to God.

Ignatian spirituality is grounded in

the conviction that God is active in our world

It is not merely an inward journey, much less a self-absorbed one.

It aims to bring people closer to God and more deeply into the world — with gratitude, passion, and humility — not away from it. Ignatius called on the Jesuits to be “contemplatives in action.”

Today, Jesuits and their partners work with people in many walks of life, such as education. They help develop a sense of “men and women for others.”

Finding God  In All Things

Mission of Saint Ignatius

The mission of Saint Ignatius and his companions was born out of their personal experience of God.

This encounter with a loving God is at the heart of our mission as we reach out to others and live the gospel. Our spirituality is grounded in the conviction that God is active in our world. The spiritual path laid out by Ignatius helps us discern God’s presence, to find God in all things, reaching out to a diverse, grace-filled yet imperfect world.

We bring this spirituality into the wider human context as we strive for social justice, peace, and dialogue. Being a contemplative in action means that our active life feeds our contemplative life and our contemplative life informs our active life.


Discernment is about finding the voice of the Spirit of God...

Speaking to us in the ordinary and practical details of our lives. It is a key gift that St. Ignatius brought in the Spiritual Exercises. By trying always to listen to the Spirit, without being attached to our own desires and ideas, Jesuits wish to find where the Spirit of God is leading and respond with humility and joy.

Jesuit Prayer

"Pray as you go" is a daily 15 minute scripture based service of the Jesuits in Britain.

There are a number of outstanding resources devoted to Ignatian spirituality. Sacred Space is a popular prayer site run by the Irish Jesuits, and Jesuitprayer.org was created by the Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus to provide daily online prayers and facilitate prayer requests.

In addition, The Jesuit Post, founded by a group of Jesuit scholastics (those in the process of religious formation), provides a contemporary look at Jesus, politics, and pop-culture in our secular age.