Boston College has been an excellent formative school for us Jesuits from the various JCAM provinces.

Besides the unique opportunities for intellectual empowerment, studying at that prestigious Jesuit school as an African Jesuit is a crucial chance for positive transformation through diverse experiences of encounters, friendship, and solidarity among us and with others. In a particular way, it is an opportunity for us African Jesuits to nurture a sense of mutuality and communion by fostering the awareness of our interdependence as members of the same Jesuit conference.

This academic year, 2023-2024, has been particularly enriching and transformative in many ways. We Jesuits from JCAM in Boston are taking this occasion of studying abroad as a grace-filled opportunity to bond through mutual knowledge, assistance, and solidarity despite our different areas of study (theology, education, philosophy, political science). Through spiritual, social, and pastoral activities, we live in companionship and solidarity while enriching our African and Jesuit identity with our varied experiences in Boston. Organized in a well-coordinated group, we find time to celebrate mass together for the intention of our provinces and JCAM, have a meal together, and share our joys and sorrows in brotherly edification and affection. When an occasion comes, we also participate in ministerial activities with our fellow African sisters and brothers in Boston, especially the Catholic Kenyan, Congolese, Rwandan, Nigerian, and Cameroonian communities, to mention a few. This companionship group is also a resource for welcoming any Jesuit from JCAM sojourning in Boston.

These positive experiences and the other joys and challenges in our studies and daily lives in our respective Jesuit communities (St Peter Faber and St Mary’s) are unique transformative chances that we do not take for granted. They help us grow in gratitude to God, all our benefactors, and the many Jesuits and non-Jesuits who support us bountifully. They also empower us to be good ministers for the global Church and our world.

This group is really a place of companionship, brotherhood, and solidarity for us African Jesuits in Boston. Behind the formal activities that we try to organize to be together and share our experiences, the real intention is to keep the bond of collaboration and friendship in the Lord as Jesuits and as Africans while engaging the global context. It takes our creativity and generosity to keep us moving happily and united in the spirit of Ubuntu, Fihavanana, Ujamaa, Bisoité...

To God be glory and honour, always!