From 10-14 January, I was blessed to be part of six Jesuits in formation invited by Fr. General to attend and participate in the expanded council. The six of us, representing our respective conferences and from varying stages of formation and diverse ages were part of this experience at the Curia in Rome.

Our presence at the council was to share our experiences of formation in light of the Universal Apostolic Preferences in this Ignatian year that invites us to “see all things new in Christ” and pay attention to youth and vocation promotion. Prior to this meeting, Jesuits in formation all over the world participated in focus groups via zoom to pray, reflect and have spiritual conversations on how to integrate the UAPs into the life-mission of the Society of Jesus.

For me, it was a graced moment to experience companionship from our Jesuit leaders, and to spend a week of prayer and spiritual conversations with them on pertinent matters concerning our ‘Compagnia Universale’. At the end of it all I am convinced that the UAPs are not something new but part and parcel of our mission and way of proceeding, centred in Christ and helping us to participate fully in the mission of the Church as members of the Society of Jesus.

My gratitude goes to the many scholastics of JCAM who participated in the process of praying with the UAPs and spiritual conversations under the guidance of Fr. John the Baptist Anyeh. Your views and reflections were greatly appreciated.

You can listen to the six of us sharing a short reflection of what the UAPs mean for us. Click below.