It is 7:20 a.m. on March 22, 2022, at Collège Boboto when the education delegates gather at the entrance to the gate that gives access to the Collège itself.

They are preparing to meet with students, teachers, and all the school authorities. This is not something that happens every day, it is a special, out-of-the-ordinary event.

The element that opened the festivities was the gathering of the students around the podium of the upper long cycle. They usually do this when there is a communication or an important event. On this day, this is the case. The students approach and wait for Father Kineni SJ, Director of Studies, to speak. He invited a student from the school to present the welcome address to the delegates.

With great courage and tact, she addressed the delegates in English. Augustin Kalubi, delegate for education of the Central African Province, for the presentation of the president of JCAM, Father Orobator SJ, and the other delegates. This presentation was done in great detail to the ovations of the students present.

He also introduced the guests at this JASBEAM meeting. These were Father François Kanyamanza SJ, Rector of Alfajiri College; Father Guy Isaki SJ, Director of Studies at ITPK; Father Marcel Mupungu SJ, Director of Studies at Ntemo College; and finally, Scholastic Gabriel Losambe SJ, a former student at Boboto College and member of the Educate Magis team.

After the presentations, the tour of the College was conducted by English teacher TATE. From the Physics lab to the Chemistry lab, passing through the Biology lab, no one can hide their amazement at the rehabilitation work carried out thanks to the donations of the Boboto Alumni (ACB).

If since then we have been talking about the secondary school and the Humanities, it should be noted that Boboto College also has a primary school and now a nursery school. It was with a real desire to visit the whole school that the whole group headed for the kindergarten. But as a pleasant surprise, we first went to the Boboto Cultural Centre to admire the works of art in their beauty and particularity. A moment of joy that manifested itself in the desire to immortalise the moment with photos.

It was in this same euphoria that we headed, first to the nursery school before passing through the primary school, to finally return to the assembly point and continue the programme for this day of 22 March 2023.

The education we give to the students is the fruit of a whole. It is not the simple desire of an individual, not the simple desire of the Rector or even of the Father Provincial, but that of the Universal Society which has been represented on this day by JASBEAM. It is an opportunity for us to realise that we belong to a much larger network than we can imagine. Today's visit is an expression of our solidarity and our desire to move forward and work together.