The proposed Hekima University (PHU) held an exceptional event, the Professional Certificate Course in Data Science.

This transformative program, which was held from 2nd to 7th October, 2023, attracted a diverse group of participants, ranging from accountants and hoteliers to IT experts and medical practitioners. The event was inaugurated by Fr. Dr. Marcel Uwineza, SJ, the Principal of Hekima University College, and Br. Dr. Elias Mokua, SJ the Executive Director of the proposed Hekima University. They both set the tone for a remarkable week ahead.

The inauguration began with inspiring speeches, emphasizing the importance of utilizing technology for the greater good, aligning perfectly with the principles of data science. In his opening speech, Dr Mokua address emphasized the profound impact of technology and knowledge convergence in the 21st century. He reminded attendees that they weren’t just acquiring skills but embracing a divine opportunity to enhance the world. The connection between technology and knowledge, when rooted in ethics and human dignity, could revolutionize efficiency, quality, and timeliness. Data Science, as a beacon of technological advancement, could empower decision-makers, enhance business growth, and drive innovation across all fields.

Fr. Marcel, in a separate speech, drew on the Jesuit education tradition, emphasizing timeless values like discernment, service rooted in justice and love, and finding God in all things. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jesuit education’s principles took on new significance, aligning with the essence of Data Science. By encouraging students to use technology for the greater good, while cherishing human connections and embracing diversity.

Throughout the week, participants engaged in a diverse range of subjects. Led by expert facilitators, the program immersed participants in a multifaceted learning experience. From the fundamentals in ‘Introduction to Data Science’ to the complexities of ‘Predictive Analytics’ and ‘Machine Learning’. Personal consultations allowed attendees to explore their specific areas of interest within Data Science. The program provided comprehensive knowledge and skills to navigate the rapidly evolving field of Data Science. The week long session which was online and offline, is to proceed virtually in the next 3 months before graduation is held.

This week-long event organized by the proposed Hekima University (PHU) in conjunction with Hekima University College showcased the transformative potential of Data Science and the alignment of technological advancements with Jesuit education’s timeless values. The event not only illuminated the transformative power of Data Science but also underscored the importance of human connection and ethical responsibility. In a world where data shapes decisions and fuels innovation, this program stood as a testament to the potential of knowledge and technology when harnessed with integrity and purpose. As the week concluded, attendees left with a new-found understanding that in the marriage of Data Science and humanistic values, lies the key to a brighter, more prosperous future for all. The future, as Mokua, SJ put it, is indeed filled with opportunities for a brighter, more prosperous world through knowledge, innovation, and Data Science.

As the weeklong event concluded, participants left with a deeper understanding of the transformative power of Data Science. This one-week journey had opened doors to new opportunities and innovative pathways, and was a testament to the potential for knowledge, innovation, and Data Science to create a brighter, more prosperous future. The comprehensive course equipped attendees with valuable knowledge and skills, positioning them as contributors to social and economic development.