Bonsomi College is a Jesuit college, with a particular history like all the other colleges. Indeed, these few lines, which we find on the website of the Province of Central Africa (ACE), tell us more:

In 1967, the Rector of Boboto College, who was looking for an extension closer to a working-class area, signed an agreement with the Cardinal of Kinshasa to take over the management of Pius XII College, which had only lower cycle classes and was then operating within the grounds of St Theresa's Primary School in the commune of N'djili in the suburbs of Kinshasa. In 1969, the school moved into its current buildings and developed very quickly. When the schools were nationalised, it became "Collège Bonsomi", from the Lingala word for "freedom", in fact " education makes you free".

The delegates began their morning at this school, leaving Gombe at 6 am to avoid the traffic jams. With the help of the rain, the road was clear and unobstructed, allowing them to arrive at the College at around 6.45 am.

The gathering was scheduled for 7.25 a.m., so we decided to take part in the Eucharist presided over by Fr Morien Moyo SJ. This was also due to his invitation to the said Eucharist. The Eucharist was animated by some teachers from the College and two interns Jesuit, who were present at the College.

After Mass, it was time for a reunion for some and a time of discovery for others. Father Hubert Mvula SJ, Rector of Bonsomi College, welcomes us with open arms, greeting each of the delegates as well as the guests at this JASBEAM meeting. The meeting was followed by the presentation of all the delegates.

As in Boboto, Father Augustin Kalubi SJ, delegate for formation of the Province of Central Africa (ACE), introduced each delegate in turn. Fathers Bertrand (AOC), Karongo SJ (AOR), Joe Arimoso (SAP), Andry SJ (MDG) as well as Brother OT Jonah SJ (ANW), were introduced in turn to the ovations of the students.

Mention was also made of the guests invited to this meeting of the JASBEAM delegates, namely: Fathers Kanyamanza SJ (Rector of Alfajiri College), Isaki SJ (Director of Studies of ITPK), Mupungu SJ (Director of Studies of Ntemo College) as well as the scholastic Losambe Gabriel SJ (Regency 1/ Educate Magis).

Then came the second moment, the guided tour of the College. This was also an interesting moment because it was guided by the Rector himself. Marcel Mupungu SJ was the translator, and he did a brilliant job. We visited the buildings, the laboratories, the sewing and art workshops, and the basketball and football fields. We should also mention the donation of computer tools and chemicals from the World Bank, important elements that can add to the integral formation of the students.

After the visit, Father Mvula SJ invited us to the table at around 8.45 a.m. for breakfast. We were indeed marked by this simple but significant gesture, because he was with us during the whole moment, from the welcome at the school until our departure. It was also an opportunity for some delegates to meet Father Mayemba SJ who is visiting Bonsomi.

However, if the journey was free on the way in, this was not the case on the way back. We had to sneak back to Gombe. Already before 11 am, we arrived at Gombe, at the CLEF, with good memories of what was a memorable day for us. We give thanks to God for this beautiful initiative of the Delegates for Education, showing once again the sense of belonging to a "network" and of collaboration.