Father General Arturo Sosa has set up a special commission to examine the Statutes on Poverty. The commission will also revise the Instruction on the Administration of Goods – the “bible” for every Province Treasurer. GC 36 asked for this process, but Father General is taking it further.“We need to look at this revision of documents, of our overall poverty and its witness today,” said Father General.

“Evangelical poverty has a witness to offer and so I plan to ask the Society to reflect deeply about the Jesuit vow of poverty and on its evangelical meaning in the world of today.”The members of this Commission for revising the Statutes and the IAG are Thomas McClain (General Treasurer); Cristián del Campo (Chile); Michael Lewis (South Africa); Paul Sun (China); Benoît Malvaux (General Procurator, from the French-speaking Western European Province); Charles Lasrado (Assistant General Treasurer, Karnataka). Father McClain is the Coordinator. The General said the work of the Commission is “part of a larger process of conversion for the whole Society of Jesus as we walk the path of the Universal Apostolic Preferences, loving and preserving our poverty and its integrity in a changing world.”