The Jesuit Justice Ecology and Network Africa (JENA) organised a webinar with the theme, “Africa's role in diversifying the global critical mineral supply chains amid Chinese and Western tensions: How can the international community help Africa achieve this role?’’.

The webinar was held on Wednesday 28 June, 2023 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm East African Time. The webinar attracted over 30 participants.

The webinar aimed to raise awareness of Africa's potential role in diversifying critical mineral supply chains and highlight the importance of international cooperation in achieving this goal. The webinar provided insights into the challenges and opportunities facing African countries in this effort and the role of the international community in supporting these efforts. It also contributed to the conversation on the development of new partnerships and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable and responsible mining practices in Africa and diversifying critical mineral supply chains globally.

The webinar panellists were: Dr Ketakandriana Rafitoson, Executive Director, Transparency International Initiative, Madagascar; Jill Munyes, Programme Manager, Kenya Chamber of Mines; Hon Lee Oguzu, Member of Parliament, Uganda; Fr. Jacques Nzumbu S.J,, Democratic Republic of Congo; and Alaka Lugonzo, Extractive Strategist-OXFAM. The Moderator was Ms Lurit Yugusuk, Institute of Public Finance(IPF), Kenya.

Goal and Objective

The objective of the webinar was to discuss Africa's potential role in diversifying critical mineral supply chains and how the international community can support the continent in achieving this role. Specifically, the webinar:

1) Discussed the current dynamics of critical mineral supply chains and the role of China and Western countries.

2) Explored Africa's potential as a reliable and sustainable source of critical minerals.

3) Identified challenges and opportunities for Africa's participation in diversifying global critical mineral supply chains.

4) Discussed strategies for promoting sustainable mining practices and responsible sourcing in Africa.

5) Highlighted the importance of international collaboration and partnerships in achieving diversified critical mineral supply chains.

Read the Webinar Report {HERE}