From the 7th to 8th May 2024, the Proposed Hekima University (PHU) participated in a Conference organised by the Loyola Centre for Media and Communication (LCMC), in partnership with the Interreligious Council of Kenya (IRCK), and the Catholic Justice and Peace Department (CJPD) at Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR).

In a bid to combat the pervasive issue of corruption in Kenya, the Proposed Hekima University (PHU) recently hosted a conference centered around the theme "Faith Practice in Breaking the Chains of Corruption." The event, which brought together leaders from various sectors, underscored the proposed university's commitment to fostering ethical leadership for societal change.

Discussions at the conference delved into the systemic nature of corruption within Kenya, highlighting its detrimental impact on citizens' economic opportunities and institutional integrity. Participants explored pressing issues such as exam cheating, inadequate funding for higher education, and the unequal distribution of bursaries, emphasising the urgent need to instill values and ethics in students.

Drawing inspiration from Catholic Social Doctrines, which prioritises human dignity, the common good of all persons, and social justice, PHU leaders and attendees recognised the moral imperative to address corruption. They acknowledged the looming threat corruption posed to educational programs, including the university's Data Science curriculum.

A pivotal moment came at the conference's conclusion with a unanimous call to action: a Joint Fight Against Corruption. Participants emphasised the necessity of collective efforts to combat this deep-rooted problem, acknowledging that no single entity or individual could tackle it alone. The event galvanised stakeholders from civil society, political circles, faith-based organisations, government bodies, media, and the judiciary to unite in the fight against corruption.

Representing PHU was (the proposed) Vice-Chancellor Dr. Elias Mokua, SJ, also the Executive Director of the Loyola Centre for Media and Communication (LCMC), and (the proposed) Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Fr. Dr. Odomaro Mubangizi, SJ. They joined a diverse array of participants, including representatives from Transparency International (TI), political parties, faith-based institutions, and government agencies.

The conference by PHU served as a catalyst for action, rallying stakeholders to confront corruption head-on and aligning with the university's dedication to ethical leadership and social change. As Kenya grapples with the pervasive effects of corruption, efforts like these underscore the importance of collective action in building a more just and equitable society.