Rev. Dr. Afulo’s Book Launched at Arrupe Jesuit University on 29 April, 2022

"Give me a boy to educate, and I will show you the man he should become" these are the words that the Greek philosopher Aristotle used when he was emphasising the importance of education.

True to Aristotle's words, throughout history education has produced a great number of men and women who have shaped the course of this world across many fields and disciplines. Re-echoing the words of Aristotle former South African President Nelson Mandela said "It is education that turns the children of a peasant into Doctors, Engineers, and Lawyers". However, it must be appreciated that there are several challenges facing education, especially higher education.

In respect of these challenges facing higher education, from an East African perspective. Dr. Joseph Oduor Afulo, S.J. the Vice-Chancellor of Arrupe Jesuit University has written a book entitled "Challenges Facing Higher Education in East Africa". The book was launched at Arrupe Jesuit University, in Harare Zimbabwe.

In the book, Dr. Afulo grabs the attention of a reader and takes them on an academic journey through the 485-page book which is divided into five chapters. The journey begins in chapter one which presents the history of the development of higher education in East Africa, in chapter two Dr. Afulo discusses the quest for relevant higher education. In chapter three the journey takes a turn and discusses the massification of higher education, in chapter four Dr. Afulo discusses the expansion of higher education institutions. The journey culminates in a key discussion in chapter five as Dr. Afulo discusses financing higher education.

Addressing a question-and-answer session at the launch of the book, Dr. Afulo emphasized that the book is not only practical to East Africa but is practical and applicable the world over. Speaking at the same event the Coordinator for the School of Education at Arrupe Jesuit University Professor Alfred Ncube re-echoed the worldwide relevance of the book. The representative of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe Professor Mandina encouraged institutions of higher learning including the University of Zimbabwe to acquire the book for their libraries.

Arrupe Jesuit University is proud of its son Dr. Joseph Oduor Afulo for the excellent intellectual work he has invested in writing this book. Indeed, the book addresses the key challenges that face higher education in East Africa and beyond. From Arrupe Jesuit University and from friends of Arrupe Jesuit University we say "Hongera Sana Dr. Afulo kwa Kazi Nzuri" well done for the excellent work.