The Africa Popular Education Workshop will take place from 22 to 26 April, with the participation of around 40 people. This event marks a milestone for the International Movement, which in recent years has strengthened its presence in the African continent.

The workshop aims to reinforce the identity of popular education of Fe y Alegría in Africa, with the purpose of building its conceptual framework proposal in the continent.

The agenda includes spaces to deepen popular education: its roots, philosophy and identity to better understand the context of Africa and the particularities of each country. There will also be a discussion on 'Fe y Alegría and the educational challenges in Africa, which aims to generate a reflection on how to think about popular education in Africa , based on different perspectives, contexts, challenges and needs. Finally, participants will visit the educational works of St. Joseph's in the Kangemi neighbourhood, to learn first-hand about the initiatives and actions that are being implemented in this location.

The event will bring together delegates from Chad, Madagascar, DR. Congo, Guinea Conakry, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Burundi

At the same time, the Board of Directors of Fe y Alegría International will meet with members of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) and other representatives of the Society of Jesus in Africa, in addition to participating in some parts of the workshop.

Since 2007, when Fe y Alegría was born in Chad, the first on the continent, only one international meeting has been held in Africa: the 2016 Congress. On this occasion in 2024, it will be the second time that as a Global Movement, Fe y Alegría board members set foot and eyes on Africa to strengthen the work that has been carried out for the last 17 years with the fundamental support of the Society of Jesus on the continent.