Praying with the

Welcome to a series of short guides designed for those who wish to enter more deeply into the journey of renewal offered by our new Universal Apostolic Preferences.

“Guided by the Spirit”

Nothing new, or a revived calling to follow Christ today? The first reaction, after a quick glance at the four preferences, may be that they bring nothing new; so, we would continue our lives as before… Well, let’s look again, with open hearts, beyond all weariness and creeping cynicism… As I begin my prayer, I ask for the Grace: of feeling a re-energized enthusiasm to follow Jesus and serve His Kingdom in the Society of Jesus today.

In the memory of my heart, I revisit the initial enthusiasm that made me enter the Society to follow Jesus. I desire to feel again that fire, as for the first time.

With this attitude, I consider the meaning of the UAPs for the Society today. “The Universal Apostolic Preferences … are the fruit of an election. … Our desire has been to find the best way to collaborate in the Lord's mission.”

“We accept them as a mission of the Church through Pope Francis who confirmed them

The preferences seek to unleash a process of apostolic revitalization and creativity that makes us better servants of reconciliation and justice.”