Daily Prayers

Daily Prayers

Probing Ignatian Depths

A Call to Conversion- IGNATIAN YEAR 2021-2022

The Ignatian year will last 14 months, from 20th May 2021, the date of Ignatius’ injury during the Battle of Pamplona, to 31st July 2022, the feast of Saint Ignatius. The theme of conversion is linked to the experience of the founder of the Society.

The Ignatian year is a call to allow the Lord to work on our conversion. We ask for the grace to be renewed by the Lord. We wish to discover a new apostolic enthusiasm inside ourselves, a new life, new ways to follow the Lord. That is why our theme for the year is to see all things new in Christ.

On a daily basis, this section of our website will share reflections and prayers about the Jesuit mission in Africa and Madagascar with the Ignatian Year theme as a pathway to deeper devotion and spiritual conversation. The intention is to amplify the Ignatian Year of renewal and transformation and to pray with the universal apostolic preferences

“The Society of Jesus goes back in its origins to the Ignatian experiences, which we will call to mind in the Ignatian year. It gives us a good opportunity to make known our spiritual root, that spiritual source that feeds and nourishes us in so many different ways and places. Deepening and renewing our own interior freedom and energy for the magis opens us to new and enriching perspectives. These can come from accompanying young people, from the hope that drives us to participate in the collective effort that seeks to heal the wounds of nature and prepare a better world for future generations.” Fr. General

A Life Without Possessions

Reflection on the Gospel of Luke 12:15

Imagine what your life would be like if you had no possessions. Imagine that all you had was the clothing you wore and you went through life relying upon the generosity of others. Though, at first, this may seem like an irresponsible way to live, there are some who are called to a form of this life for a sacred reason. Those called to strict religious life are called to embrace the life of poverty, owning nothing themselves, for a reason. The reason is highlighted in this Gospel.

Too often in life we become consumed with our possessions. It’s true that material things can add “spice” to life. They can be fun, entertaining, comforting, etc. But the danger of becoming attached to the things of this world is that we begin to rely upon the pleasure they bring more than we rely upon the spiritual possessions which are of much greater value. It’s not that material possessions are bad, in and of themselves; rather, it’s that the spiritual possessions God wants us to obtain are of infinitely greater value.

Most are not called to live lives of material poverty, but all are called to live lives of poverty in spirit. This means that, though we live in the world, we are not to be of the world. We are to keep our hearts attached only to the greatest treasures of life: faith, hope and charity. When greed and love of material possessions draw us from these spiritual treasures, we must recommit ourselves to the discovery of their great value.

Archived Prayers


Day 438 of 438

My Catholic Life

31 July 2022

Lord of true riches, help me to always keep my heart set on the riches You bestow and to never settle for those things that can never fully satisfy me. I desire the wealth of Heaven, dear Lord, not the riches of Earth. Help me to live the spiritual poverty I am called to live so as to obtain all that You desire for me. Free me from greed and selfishness and help me to find true joy in Your holy will.


“To see all things new in Christ”

  • Reflect, today, upon any struggle you have with greed.

  • If that does not sit well with you and if you find yourself immediately trying to justify your attachment to material things, then you may need this reflection more than you know.

  • The Lord wants to give you so much more than this world can offer you.

  • Do not make the choice to become attached to that which is “cheap” from an eternal perspective.

  • Strive to embrace those true riches that will remain with you forever.


“Take care to guard against all greed, for though one may be rich, one’s life does not consist of possessions.” Luke 12:15