crucified christ JCAMAn African Theologian's Experience

In the silence of the cross, Jesus of Nazareth suffers and cries, accompanying the pain of the world...and it helps us to rebuild from the rubble.

Every night, when I finish my day of work, I stop at the chapel of the house for a short moment of prayer in front of the crucifix.

The corpus of the crucified Christ is African, carved in solid rosewood and wears a crown of sharp thorns in ebony and jacaranda. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, my night vigils in the company of the crucified Christ have evolved into a speechless encounter. There is nothing to say: I simply look at Jesus and grant Him the privilege of returning my gaze. What can I say?

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  Article source: NIGRIZIA, no. 5, May 2020, pp. 46-49