Noluthando Honono, a youth representing South Africa and a member of the Lead Magis program launched by the Jesuits Justice and Ecology Network (JENA) Jena Nairobi speaks to JCAM Communications about the importance of the youth in the Migration and Refugee crisis, and the significance of the International Strategic Planning Conference on Migration and Refugees held in Nairobi from January 20-22. Listen in!

The International Strategic Conference on Migrants and Refugees was organised by the Jesuits Justice and Ecology Network (JENA)

This Conference was aimed at looking for an integrated response to vulnerable migrants in and out of Africa

The Mission Statement at the end of the Conference was:
“We, Jesuits and collaborators in Africa, inspired by the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus and Pope Francis´ call, commit ourselves to welcome, protect, promote and seek the integration of vulnerable migrants.

Our call to serve vulnerable migrants includes forcibly displaced people –internally displaced, refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons-, survivors of human trafficking, people in transit and those forcibly returned.

In serving vulnerable migrants collaboratively, we will be especially attentive to those suffering discrimination because of gender, age and disability.”

Read more on the Jesuits Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) website here:


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