The Xavier Network recently hosted its inaugural Safeguarding Championship Contest, spotlighting the collaborative efforts of Jesuit organizations worldwide in championing justice and safeguarding vulnerable communities.

Comprising 14 members across mission offices and non-governmental development organizations spanning 87 countries, the Xavier Network supervises around 2,000 projects addressing urgent social issues and promoting the common good. Notably, the Uzima Women Empowerment Program, facilitated through the Irish Jesuit International (IJI) arm, distinguished itself with remarkable achievements.

In a standout victory, the Uzima Women Empowerment Program clinched the top spot in the competition, reaffirming its commitment to safeguarding vulnerable populations in the Kangemi slum area. This accolade underscores the program's adherence to ethical standards and accountability.

The award ceremony, held at St. Joseph Technical Secondary School (SJTSS), featured Ms. Emer Kerrigan, Xavier Network Coordinator and IJI Deputy Director, emphasizing the critical importance of safeguarding within organizations. Kerrigan stressed the need for strict adherence to safeguarding protocols to foster a secure and inclusive environment for all stakeholders involved in Jesuit initiatives globally.

In a closely contested event, Fe y Alegría Colombia secured the runner-up position, showcasing the Xavier Network's extensive reach and impact.

The Safeguarding Championship served as a vital platform for honoring achievements, sharing insights, and reaffirming the collective commitment to advancing justice and solidarity, as upheld by the Jesuit community. With the Xavier Network's continued expansion and growing influence, such events are essential for fostering collaboration and driving positive change on a global scale.