"Spreading the contagion of hope is the fundamental and solemn task of a leader in times of crisis" Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator. When leaders live up to their solemn responsibilities and their commitments - explains Orobator in this book that questions the deep root of theirs and our moral responsibility - «they can make the difference between light and darkness, between hope and despair, between life and death for the people who have the privilege of serving and protecting ». During one of the major health, ethical and political crises of recent decades, in a context of general disorientation, the leadership of Pope Francis was the only one to embody this difference, communicating a concrete vision of the future and hope in new and often unsettling ways. In the turbulent context of global affairs and its impact on our daily lives, Orobator invites us to understand and follow the exemplary action exercised by Francis through the keys of responsibility and trust, sacrifice and reciprocity, courage and dialogue. A spiritual lesson, of humility and service, from which emerges a fundamental and concrete legacy for anyone, lay or Catholic, intends to generate change in the social and civil spheres.

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