The Jesuit Justice and Ecology Network - Africa (JENA) and Caritas Africa have organised a side event dubbed: "A Just Transition for Africa: Mining for Climate Change Mitigation - Ethical Perspectives,".

It will take place on the 5th of December 2023 during COP28 in Dubai, with the broader theme of "Just Energy Transition, Industry, and Trade."

This platform aims to create dialogue intersecting faith, ethics, climate change mitigation, and a just transition within the mining sector in Africa. The primary focus will be to understand the role of ethical perspectives in shaping responsible mining practices and advocating climate justice.

The objectives are:

• Initiate conversation about the role of faith and ethics at the intersection of climate change mitigation and a just transition in the African mining sector.

• Investigate how faith-based perspectives can influence ethical mining practices and strategies for climate change mitigation.

• Highlight the need for a ethically-informed approach to achieving justice in mining and facilitating a just transition.

• Share case studies from African countries that demonstrate responsible and sustainable mining practices driven by ethical principles.

• Discuss policy implications and suggest ethically-informed regulations for responsible mining.

• Engage a diverse range of stakeholders in interactive sessions to collect ethical perspectives and solutions.

• Encourage commitment towards responsible mining practices and climate justice, steered by ethically informed insights and recommendations.

The event invites faith leaders, representatives from intergovernmental organisations, government officials, policymakers, civil society organizations, mining corporations, academia, international organisations, and indigenous community representatives.

The one-hour event will include keynote speeches, a panel discussion, presentations of case studies, policy discussions, an interactive session, and closing remarks. All elements of the program will be guided by faith-based perspectives.

The expected outcomes are:

• Increased awareness of the role of faith in fostering a just energy transition driven by the mining sector.

• Enhanced understanding of ethical responsibilities for stakeholders in mineral extraction and climate change mitigation from a faith informed perspective.

• Identified policy recommendations incorporating faith-based principles for responsible mining practices.

• Establishment of a platform that encourages faith-based dialogue on responsible mining and climate justice.

• Strengthened collaborations and partnerships aiming for future initiatives in the mining sector, inspired by faith.

The event will conclude with a focus on the importance of ethically-driven actions for a just transition in the mining sector. Key insights and recommendations stemming from the discussions will be summarised, emphasising their role in promoting responsible mining practices and climate justice.

We invite your active participation and valuable contributions to this event. Jointly, we can encourage ethically-driven dialogue and action at the crucial intersection of climate change mitigation, a just transition, and the mining sector in Africa. This collective commitment will help us pave the way for a more sustainable and just future for our continent.