The logo for the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) draws together the traditional imagery of the Society of Jesus, in the sunburst and ‘IHS’ Christogram, referring to the name of Jesus after whom our Society, founded by St Ignatius Loyola and his companions, is named; and of Africa, in the African Mask that represents African art, culture and spirituality. The Mask is of illustrious Queen Idia who lived in the West African kingdom of Benin during St Ignatius’ lifetime. Reproduced in gold for this logo, the Mask, representing African Culture; and the Cross of Hekima, representing the Christian Religion, symbolize the Society’s desire to incarnate its mission in the life and spirituality of the African Church and continent. The colours Gold, Burgundy and Green represent respectively the wealth, suffering and life that is to be found in Africa and Madagascar.

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