If you are wondering what to make of your life’s challenges, if you think that you have had enough of suffering, if you are on the threshold of giving up, if you are wondering where God is in your life in the midst of evil in the world, if you want to ignite the small candle of your life to make it even brighter, if you trusted people, including those you supported to rise from their ashes, and have been betrayed, if you ask what to make of priests who have caused you pain and those who have brought you joy, if you are not sure where you are heading in the midst of your family confusion, if you want to know how one can still speak about God after having suffered from the inhumanity of one’s fellow beings, if you wish to work for justice and be an instrument of justice, forgiveness, reconciliation and mercy in our troubled world, then this book is definitely for you. After you read the first three chapters of this book, I am confident that you will want to read the entire book. You may realise that what you are going through gains a whole new perspective. You will probably join Carl Jung who once said: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

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