The annual Magis East Africa Meeting and Pilgrimage organized by Magis Kenya and Tanzania leadership in collaboration with Hekima University College scholastics took place from 27th – 31st December 2019 at St. Peter Claver, Dodoma and 1st – 2nd January 2020 in Dar es Salaam. In attendance were about 30 representatives of the Magis groups from Kenya and Tanzania.

The event offered an ample opportunity for the formation of the young people about self-discovery, self-leadership and self-development facilitated by Samantha, Wanjugu, and Carine. The four Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus were also introduced and explained briefly to the participants by Tendai, SJ and Burka, SJ. The evaluation of Magis Kenya and Tanzania for the year 2019, and planning for the year 2020 were also some of the important components of the event.

On 2nd January 2020, the team made a pilgrimage to the historical town of Bagamoyo to welcome the new year and mark the end of Magis East Africa annual meeting. We attended a Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Joseph Mboya, SJ, in East Africa's First Catholic Church. It was an edifying and consoling experience for many of the participants to welcome the New Year with prayers at the historic Church and town.

The event was a success as evidenced by the gratitude that was expressed by the participants.

Felistus from Magis Dodoma pointed out that “we have learnt many things. Besides, we have come to know new people and new ideas. Magis is the best community to be in.” The Magis East Africa meeting 2019 organizing team also expressed appreciation to the Eastern Africa Province (AOR); “our appreciation goes to the Jesuit Community in Dodoma for their hospitality" said Carole, one of the organizers from Kenya.