From the 3-15 October 2022, 30 young ARTivists in climate advocacy, media, and social circus embarked on an approximately 1800km journey across Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi on a tour that has been aptly named the Heal the Earth Caravan of Hope.

This is a co-creative climate justice advocacy initiative on loss and damage seeking to make visible the destructive impacts of floods and cyclones in Southern Africa with a focus on Chimanimani (Zimbabwe), Beira (Mozambique), and Chikwawa (Malawi) communities.

Over the 12 Days the Caravan of Hope raised awareness of the impacts of climate-induced disasters on vulnerable populations, and captured and amplified the stories of hope and resilience of these frontline communities. This was mainly done through community workshops and immersions, ARTivations (art-inspired activations), documentation, road shows, public exhibition, and a Heal The Earth Circus production.

The Heal the Earth Caravan of Hope is spearheaded by the Jesuit Centre for Ecology and Development (JCED) in Malawi, Tamba Africa Social Circus (Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique), JesCom, SAP Youth Office (Zambia)- Green Magis Programme, and Silveira House as part of the Youth for Climate Justice Road to COP27 and Beyond Campaign. It is also being supported by regional and international partners such as Crtve Development and Africa No Filter as part of the WE! Are Climate Justice Campaign alongside four creative hubs from South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt.

There is clear evidence of severe and destructive extreme weather events in Africa as a result of climate change. The Caravan of Hope thus mobilised and engaged young climate champions from Southern Africa to raise awareness of these climate-induced disasters, contribute to the climate discourse, advocate for climate justice, amplify the voices of frontline communities, and demand ambitious action to address the climate crisis.

The tour commenced in Harare with travels to Chimanimani, Beira, and Chikwawa ending in Lilongwe with a Heal the Earth – Heal the People performance.

To learn more about the Heal the Earth Caravan of Hope and the impact of creative advocacy campaigns follow the Jesuit Centre for Ecology, Youth for Climate Justice, Tamba Africa Social Circus, and Caravan of Hope across social media platforms.

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