Fr Stany D’ Souza was born on May 9, 1965 as the last child of the late Marcel D'Souza. Among his five brothers and four sisters two are religious - one a Jesuit (Fr Gilbert D’ Souza) and the other is a Good Shepherd sister (Sr Vinaya D’ Souza). Fr Stany originally belonged to Modankap parish though presently his family stays in Mogarnad Parish. After his initial schooling in Modankap he went to St Aloysius College to pursue his dream to be a Jesuit Priest.

Fr Stany D’ Souza joined the Society of Jesus on 20 June 1984. On completion of fifteen years of formation, he was ordained on 27 December 1999. He began his priestly ministry in Loyola Pre-novitiate, Mangalore as the Vocation Promoter and Pre-novitiate director. Then on he has held many offices in the Society of Jesus.

He was the director of St Joseph’s College of Business Administration, Rector of Jesuit Nivas, St Joseph’s College residence, Vice President of BJES Bangalore. Prior to this he was the Consultor, Jesuit provincial, Loyola Mandir, Bangalore, Rector of St Joseph’s Indian High School Intuitions and administrator of St Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore, Vice Principal and lecturer in Kannada in St Aloysius College, Mangalore, Administrator of St Aloysius Evening College, Mangalore, Superior, Ashakiran, Mangalore and Director, Loyola Pre-novitiate, Mangalore.

Fr Stany D’ Souza got his MA degree in Kannada from Bangalore University in 1996 and Ph.D. from Mangalore University in 2010 on the thesis: Sabalikarana prakriyeyagi sharana Chalavali: maru Odina neleyinda adhyayana - a Study of Sharana Movement of twelfth Century from the Perspective of Empowerment. He passed his UGC test for the eligibility for Lectureship in 1997.

He was appointed Provincial of Karnataka in 2014. Since 2017 he was Consultor of POSA and South Zone chair; Delegate for GC36 (Rome), President of CRI, Karnataka.

His areas of interest are literature and Counseling. He has two books and 12 scholarly articles to his credit.