January 04, 2020 - Fr. General, Arturo Sosa, S.J. returned to Rome at the weekend just in time to host the Jesuits living and working in Rome. It was an overcast evening with the streets teeming with tourists bundled up in weather clothing. Though gradually emerging from the festive season, the excited faces seem to suggest the disposition of not being a hurry to return to a regular daily routine.

This event took place on January 4, 2020, at the General Curia - an evening of fraternal conviviality. Even though some of the Jesuits studying in Rome have exams looming on the horizon, they still made out time to banter with brother Jesuits while fostering the spirit of the union of minds and hearts.

The experience of the evening reminded us of the words of Chinua Achebe, in his book Things Fall Apart, "A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to save them from starving. They all have food in their own homes. When we gather together in the moonlit village ground, it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so."