The African Union (AU) is a continental body that aims to promote unity, integration, and development among African nations. With its diverse member states and rich resources, Africa has tremendous potential for growth and contribution to the global economy.

In an increasingly interconnected world, international cooperation is vital for addressing global challenges and promoting sustainable development. The Group of Twenty (G20), composed of the world's major economies, plays a pivotal role in shaping global economic policies. As such, the African Union (AU) should seriously consider joining the G20 to advance Africa's interests and actively participate in global decision-making processes. By drawing inspiration from Pope Francis' encyclicals, "Fratelli Tutti" and "Laudato Si'," this article highlights the reasons why the African Union (AU) should join the Group of Twenty (G20) and actively participate in addressing global issues.

Embracing Fraternity: Pope Francis emphasizes the importance of recognizing our shared humanity and promoting a culture of encounter and dialogue. In "Fratelli Tutti," he states, "We are all brothers and sisters". By joining the G20, the African Union can foster fraternity on a global scale. By actively engaging with other nations, the AU can contribute its unique perspectives, experiences, and solutions to promote solidarity and bridge the divides between nations.

Pursuing Integral Development: The encyclicals highlight the need for integral human development, which encompasses social, economic, and environmental dimensions. In "Fratelli Tutti," Pope Francis states, "Authentic development... seeks the welfare of all, and involves the coming together of people and resources for the good of all" . By joining the G20, the AU can advocate for policies that prioritize the development of African nations while ensuring the well-being of their people. This would include addressing issues such as poverty, inequality, access to education and healthcare, and sustainable economic growth.

Protecting the Environment: In "Laudato Si'," Pope Francis underscores the urgency of addressing environmental degradation and climate change. He states, "The Earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth". As a continent deeply affected by climate change, the African Union can contribute to global efforts by participating in the G20. By collaborating with other nations, the AU can advocate for sustainable practices, climate adaptation strategies, and increased financial support for environmentally vulnerable regions.

Promoting Peace and Justice: Both encyclicals emphasize the importance of fostering peace, justice, and solidarity among nations. Pope Francis states in "Fratelli Tutti," "We need to build 'a civilization of love,'...a civilization of peace". The African Union, by joining the G20, can actively engage in diplomatic efforts, conflict resolution, and the promotion of human rights. By amplifying the voices of African nations within the G20, the AU can advocate for just and equitable international systems that prioritize the needs and aspirations of all people.

Conclusion: By joining the G20, the African Union can contribute significantly to addressing global challenges through the principles of fraternity, integral development, environmental stewardship, and social justice. Inspired by Pope Francis' encyclicals, "Fratelli Tutti" and "Laudato Si'," the AU can actively participate in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable world. Thus, the African Union joining the G20 would mark a significant step forward in Africa's integration into the global economy and the decision-making processes that shape our world. Through enhanced representation, access to resources, and addressing Africa's development challenges, the AU can actively contribute to the economic prosperity and well-being of its member states. Joining the G20 would provide a platform for Africa to influence global economic policies, foster regional integration, and amplify its voice on pressing global challenges. It is time for Africa to take its place at the G20 table and work towards a more equitable and prosperous world.

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