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What we believe



Jesuits have a unique approach to the pursuit of their faith. Not only do they seek to "find God in all things" but they have designed the order to allow for clarity of action. Back in the 16th century the order's ten original founders decided that the only way to serve God was through his representative on earth, the Holy Father, and accept to be sent anywhere at any time.

The founders also decided to appoint a leader or Superior General from their own ranks whom they would follow. The first to take this role was Ignatius Loyola. Like most Catholic priests, aspiring Jesuits take three core vows of: poverty, chastity and obedience. This ensures that their lives are fully dedicated to their work for God and the wider community.

It means that many of the more worldly pursuits do not get in the way of their ministry and that they can truly dedicate their life to their mission. This desire to serve Jesus Christ through his representative, the Pope, is concretized in the so called "Fourth vow" of the Jesuits. This vow consists in the willingness to accept any mission from the Pope and means that the order has always been at the fore-front of evangelization and the Church’s support for social justice.

At times this unwavering dedication has set the order on a collision course with authority, but it has made the Jesuits uniquely equipped for carrying the Word of God in the toughest environments.