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Jesuits in Zambia-Malawi Province launch a Jesuits Relief COVID-19 response initiative

By Jesuits in ZAM

The effects of COVID-19 have been devastating for people around the world, more so, the less privileged in the community. Sources of income have been lost leaving many unable to feed themselves or their families. This is why Jesuits in Zambia-Malawi Province (ZAM) have launched the Jesuits Relief COVID-19 response aimed at helping the underprivileged combat COVID-19 as well as health workers in the front line be better equipped in fighting the disease.

Design of artificial respirator made in DRC at the Loyola University of Congo

By José Minaku SJ

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, like so many other countries in the world, is currently going through the health crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the past two weeks the Loyola University of Congo (ULC), through its Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FAST) in collaboration with both internal and external partners, has had the challenge of making a model respirator at a low cost, using materials found locally.

Why Corona Virus is Exposing the Urban Poor in Africa

Charlie B. Chilufya SJ

Staying home and social distancing are now essential to control the spread of COVID-19. Suitable accommodation for quarantine and isolation are critical, but Africa’s housing systems and policies leave the poor and vulnerable severely and dangerously exposed.

Jesuit Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar hold virtual Plenary meeting

By John the Baptist Anyeh SJ, Socius JCAM 

Jesuit Major superiors of Africa and Madagascar held a zoom plenary from the 23 to the 24 of April 2020. The proposed plenary was due in Johannesburg - South Africa on the same dates and plans to hold the zoom version went ahead even as groundworks were discarded due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Care of the mission after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of human life demanded by the changing times we live in. But we still don’t know how deep this change will have to be.
- The pandemic has highlighted the importance of care - the Jesuit word ‘cuidado’ in Spanish - in many dimensions of our lives.

First online joint meeting of the Jesuit Conferences of Europe-Near East (JCEP) with Africa-Madagascar (JCAM)

JCEP groups 600


The month of April 2020 was to host a historic event, the first joint meeting of the Jesuit Conferences of Europe-Near East (JCEP) with Africa-Madagascar (JCAM). But instead the historic event was the first online assembly of provincials in Europe. The JCEP Provincials are missing the opportunity to meet their African confreres, and they send their best wishes in these difficult times. Their meeting point now for all is before the Lord, it is in the space of prayer where they meet.

Fr. Jerome Stanislaus D’Souza SJ appointed new President of South Asia Designate

Fr JeromeFr Stany D’ Souza was born on May 9, 1965 as the last child of the late Marcel D'Souza. Among his five brothers and four sisters two are religious - one a Jesuit (Fr Gilbert D’ Souza) and the other is a Good Shepherd sister (Sr Vinaya D’ Souza). Fr Stany originally belonged to Modankap parish though presently his family stays in Mogarnad Parish. After his initial schooling in Modankap he went to St Aloysius College to pursue his dream to be a Jesuit Priest.

Youth-led COVID 19 Food Drive Response in Informal Settlements in Kenya

By Charlie Chilufya SJ

Carine Umutoniwase is a team leader of Footprints for Change and a Youth Champion in the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madgascar (JCAM)-led LEAD+ Magis Youth Network. She is reaching out to other young people in Mathare, in youth groups and community networks, to join her in responding to the Coronavirus.

‘Vatican News’ Interview with Cardinal Turkson on Coronavirus Initiatives

Five Working Groups Formed

Turkson: We must think of the aftermath of COVID-19 so we are not unprepared

The Prefect of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development underlines the commitment in favor of “local Churches to save lives and help the poorest”. Five working groups have been created to face the crisis and look toward the future.

Where is God? A meditation on faith and hope in the time of coronavirus

An African Theologian's Experiencecrucified christ JCAM

In the silence of the cross, Jesus of Nazareth suffers and cries, accompanying the pain of the world...and it helps us to rebuild from the rubble.

Every night, when I finish my day of work, I stop at the chapel of the house for a short moment of prayer in front of the crucifix.

Pope at Regina Caeli: 'Life has the last word'

By Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp

From the library of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis holds the noon-day Regina Caeli on Easter Monday, saying "Jesus resurrection tells us that death does not have the last word, life does".