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World Refugee Day 2016: open minds, unlock potential

JRS Full blue S W1World Refugee Day 2016: open minds, unlock potential

Rome, 20 June 2016 – As human beings, we are at the mercy of nature, at the mercy of governments, at the mercy of leaders, at the mercy of war. We are at the mercy of forces beyond our control.

"He never Went Back Home"

The Jesuit Journey of Adolfo Nicolás

By William Bole

September 21, 2016 — In the 476-year history of the Society of Jesus, there have been 30 Superiors General of the order better known as the Jesuits. By contrast, with a history just half as long, the United States has elected 43 presidents.

01 father general

Father General Visits the Archbishop of Bukavu, DRC


The Very Reverend Father General, Arturo Sosa, SJ, visited Bishop Francis Xavier Maroy, Archbishop of Bukavu, DRC. The archbishop (alumnus Alfajiri College of the Society of Jesus), welcomed the General and gave a history of the Archdiocese. Thereafter they made a visit to the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel of the Archbishop.

The second part of the visit led Father General to a mausoleum where the servant of God, Archbishop Christophe Munzihirwa, SJ, Archbishop of Bukavu assassinated on 29 October 1996 lays to rest. Led by Bishop Francis Xavier Maroy, Father General, the two Assistants to Father General (Fr. Masawe SJ and Fr. Claudio SJ), JESAM President (Fr. Orobator SJ) and other Jesuits prayed at the tomb. This began with prayer printed on the effigies (provided by Mgr Maroy) Bishop Munzihirwa and, of course, sang along "Nakushukuru e Bwana" (I thank you, Lord), favorite song of the late Archbishop.

A guided tour of the basement of the mausoleum, unfinished, allowed Mgr Maroy explain to guests more about the project. He wants to make the basement a museum for memories of his three predecessors, based at the mausoleum: Christophe Munzihirwa, Emmanuel Kataliko and Charles Mbogha. The tour ended with a visit to the Cathedral of Bukavu and its chapels, and later Father General returned to the Amani Center.