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Zeela Art Gallery – A creative piece of Eden

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By Chanda Mwenya, NKWAZI Magazine | Images by Kalichi Pictures

The beauty and tranquility of Zeela Art Gallery & Homestay located in New Kasama, off Leopards Hill Road, in Lusaka left me virtually speechless. Fortunately, I am inclined to agree with the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar president, Reverend Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, who once described the place, as “a piece of Eden on earth – an artistic and creative re-creation of God’s original desire and purpose for our common home.” Rev. Orobator made these remarks in 2018 during the opening of the Wonders of Co-creation: Catholic Theology and Spirituality Through Art exhibition at Zeela Art Gallery.

Covid-19 reveals challenges of the pre-existing pandemic of poverty

By Fr. Rampe Hlobo SJ | Jesuits South Africa

As the world ushered in the new decade in January, few among us could tell that there was a pandemic on the horizon. By February, other parts of the world had been hit hard by the new virus which turned to be one of the most dangerous viruses in living memory.

Covid-19 which continues to ravage life has exposed many others that have been devastating certain sections of our societies for a very long time, not least, poverty.

Arrupe Month 2020 at ITCJ: Deepening our calling and confirming our vocation

By Eyrah Foli SJ 

From July 12 to August 12, 2020, 17 scholastics in the final year theology studies at L'Institut de Théologie de la Compagnie de Jésus (ITCJ), gathered at Favre Community at ITCJ to start the first part of Arrupe Month experience. The facilitator was Fr. Abel N’Djomon, SJ. In past years, this event had been held outside Abidjan, but given the current health crisis, the decision was made to stay in Abidjan for this important part of our formation.

The Baobab: An assurance of longevity in the time of uncertainty

by Eyrah Foli SJ

We are currently living in a time where plans have been crushed and families are in despair because of the loss of jobs and lives of loved ones due to the coronavirus. It is with this backdrop that the Jesuit Community at ITCJ decided to embark on a tree planting exercise. On August 13, 2020, Frs. Anicet N’Teba, SJ, and Rodrigue Naortangar, SJ, assisted by Rev. Emmanuel Muzinga, SJ, carried out a prophetic act of planting a baobab tree.

Shepherding the youth virtually at a time of uncertainty

By John Enslin SJ

Chaplaincy via WhatsApp

The challenges that faced us within the chaplaincy when UCT (the University of Cape Town) closed were sadly not dissimilar to the challenges that faced our broader society. Although UCT is regarded as a world-class institution the stark inequalities among students remain—most often invisibly. It is possible that a student living in a private residence here in a wealthy part of Cape Town, in a private residence, and yet without anyone knowing struggling for food as expenses go up. When students are here one would not be able to see who comes from impoverished communities but when they returned home to continue studies in lockdown, often in a small dwelling with other people sharing the same space, students became anxious about their studies, their results and the impact that will have on their bursaries.

Engaging African youth in peace-building through a series of virtual talks amidst COVID-19 pandemic

By Arrupe Jesuit Institute

Africa’s teeming youthful population constitutes one of the continent’s greatest assets. Africa’s youth represent a potentially positive force for change and therefore their energies must be harnessed to promote peace and transform African countries. Regrettably, bad governance, poor education, and high unemployment rates make many African youth vulnerable and easy targets to be recruited to perpetrate violence. Through these multi-disciplinary, scholarly yet simple talks, the Pax Africana series aims at equipping Africa’s youth to become activists for peace.

African Jesuit AIDS network organises a training session for its members across Africa and Madagascar

From AJAN | Caleb Mwamisi

On 7 July 2020, the African Jesuit AIDS Network began a series of training with the theme, Community Empowerment during COVID-19 and Beyond. This was online tutoring for members of the network crafted to help enhance knowledge capacity to deal with COVID-19 and similar problems that may emerge in the future in Africa.

Catholic Social Teaching workshop in Butare diocese

By Aaron Ndamyumugabe, Jesuit Urumuri Centre

From the 28th to the 30th of July 2020, at the premises of GS Officiel de Butare, Jesuit Urumuri Centre conducted a workshop on Catholic Social Teaching for members of CARITAS and the Diocesan Commission of Justice and Peace. As Butare is known for sheltering many religious houses, the uniqueness of the participants was noticeable by the presence of a number of priests, nuns, and brothers.

Impact of COVID-19 in healthcare structures

By Yezu Mwiza

While the Covid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc around the world, its impact is being felt everywhere, whether in the community or even in health care services where many are afraid to come to the hospital at the risk of being contaminated, and in fact, give up their care.

At service Yezu Mwiza (SYM), a comprehensive care centre (for HIV, TB/HIV co-infection, malaria control, and reproductive health promotion), the number of clients seeking Voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing (VCT) services has decreased significantly since the announcement of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Burundi.

Rectors and Principals virtual meeting

A meeting of Rectors and Principals, of formation houses across the Conference was held on the 4th of August via Zoom. This was an informative meeting where each centre shared how they are winding up with the academic year and at the same time preparing for the next. Generally, external factors majorly as a result of COVID-19 have strongly influenced the end of the year.

Father General's message for the Feast Day of Saint Ignatius celebrated every year on July 31st

This is Father General’s message for the feast of St. Ignatius this year. He is orienting us already towards the experience that the Ignatian Year will be offering. 

You can read his text below or watch the video recording.