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From the earliest days of the Society of Jesus St. Ignatius placed a heavy emphasis on the need for education, he himself returning to formal learning at the University of Paris after his deepening experience of personal conversion. Indeed he himself insisted that his own companions should also immerse themselves in theological and philosophical studies.

Today Jesuit run schools and colleges in Africa have continued this commitment to excellence in eduction by ensuring that students are instilled with the ability to become social innovators and work towards a deeper understanding God's will for themselves and the world as a whole.

Across the continent the Society is responsible for 31 high schools and even more primary institutions located in the provinces and regions. 

Our ethos is based on the the formation of Christian "men and women for others"so that they can become competent in their field of study, persons of conscience full of compassion and committed to essential Christian values with a deepfelt preference for the poor.

Through education coupled with a mature faith, solutions can be found to the problems of conflict, disease, isolation, the environment and economic disparity. Through our schooling we hope to create generations of leaders who can work in their everyday life towards a better society.

Jesuits also run schools within camps for the displaced under the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and also offer educational opportunities to the poorest in the continent of Africa through Fe y Alegría

Through the many JRS activities education is at the core and comprises a wide range of services involving formal and informal instruction, including nursery, pre-school, primary, secondary and third level education, special education, distance education, scholarships, life-skills and vocational training, adult literacy, computer and language classes, extra tuition and revision classes, and education for peace and reconciliation.

Fe y Alegría is an International Movement of Popular Education and Social Promotion based on the values of justice, participation, fraternity, respect for diversity and solidarity, working with impoverished and excluded populations, in order to contribute to the transformation of society. 

Founded in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1955 by Fr. José María Vélaz SJ, Fe y Alegría's vision is to create a world where all people have the opportunity to receive an education, fully develop their abilities and live with dignity, build societies in which all structures are at the service of the human being and the transformation of situations that create inequality, poverty and social exclusion.