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Core Beliefs

hand communionFrom the foundation of the order, Jesuits have had a distinctive way of looking at life and the world it has become part of their educational and spiritual apostolates, and in turn is shared with hundreds of thousands of women and men.

This worldview includes the following characteristics:
1. Openness and enthusiasm toward the whole of God's richly diverse creation and for the human person as its crowning glory
2. Hopefulness and pragmatism in seeking graced solutions to life's challenges through creative use of all available gifts and resources, tempered by realism and compassion about the reality of human weakness
3. Sustained critical attention to motivations and choices based on the conviction that individuals, through the exercise of their freedom, exert a real influence on their world and one another for good or for evil, and
4. Commitment to a life of growing integrity and increasing service to God and others after the Gospel model of Jesus Christ