jcam child protection programme

  • Formation of Jesuits and teachers of Saint Ignatius schools in Kigali, Rwanda on protection and safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults

    By Fr Olivier Kayitare SJ Rector of Saint Ignatius High School and CPO for Rwanda Burundi Region

    On Saturday, March 9, 2019, Jesuits and teachers of Saint Ignatius High School and Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace gathered at the school hall to follow a one-day formation on child protection and safeguarding. It was attended by around 50 people. The facilitator was Mr. Theodore Nzeyimana, a child safeguarding activist who has worked with various child protection organizations in Rwanda and is well versed with the theme of child safeguarding. Fr Olivier Kayitare SJ, who is a CPO for Rwanda-Burundi Region coordinated the session.

  • Lessons learned about Communications and about managing a crisis

    Father Federico Lombardi SJ, May 22, 2019. (Photo by Mwelu A. Makunu/JCAM/Communications)

    During the communications meeting in Rome, on the second day, May 22, 2019, Father Federico Lombardi SJ addressed conference communications directors. Walking in, the room went silent, as everyone stood up to meet and greet the 76-year-old. He is a man who has been at the service of the Church having served in communications for three popes, and as the former papal spokesman; he has been immensely involved in the fight against pedophilia in the Church.

  • Taking Stock of Safeguarding efforts in the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar

    by JCAM Communications

    Twenty four Child Protection Officers (CPOs) from formation houses, provinces and regions gathered in Nairobi, Kenya for a three-day workshop from Sep 5-8, 2019. This forum is the first of 2019 and follows a Baseline Study conducted from June to September 2018. In the morning of the first day, participants made introductions followed by a welcome message from the JCAM President Fr Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ emphasizing the commitment of JCAM in supporting the CPOs to fully implement the Conference-wide five-year programme.

  • Training Pastoral Listening Ministers in Life Safeguarding Practices and Child Protection at ITCJ

    By Jean Messingué SJ, Child Protection Officer, ITCJ 

    ITCJ (Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire) - At the end of the academic year 2018-2019, 60 women and men, engaged in the ministry of Pastoral Listening (Counseling) enrolled in a certificate training in Art of Professional Listening (Counseling), Psycho-spiritual Crisis and Professional Listening and in the context of this training, a full day was dedicated to learning life safeguarding practices and child protection from all forms of abuse.