• "I am grateful and happy to be in Chad"

    By AOC Communications

    Arturo Sosa SJ, Father General of the Society of Jesus arrived in the West Africa Province (AOC). Hours before he arrived in Chad, Father Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ, President of JCAM, sent a message welcoming him while assuring him that he would appreciate the dynamism, energy, and passion of the Jesuits and of their collaborators in fulfilling the mission of the Society of Jesus in this part of the world.

  • Bishop Munzihirwa’s Centre - Kinshasa (DRC), 24 April 2019

    Kinshasa (DRC) - 24 April 2019

    My dear friends, good afternoon!

    My dear children, MBOTE NA BINO!

    First of all, I thank God for allowing us to meet today. I thank you sincerely for your presence and your very warm welcome, in this home located in the center of Matonge, a popular and lively district of Kinshasa.I heard about the Monseigneur Munzihirwa or Bishop Munzihirwa’s Center. I now know all the good that is done here, to welcome children who delink from their families and in a difficult situation on the streets of Kinshasa.

  • Father General begins visit in the Central Africa Province (ACE)

    By Rodrigue Ntungu SJ

    The Most Reverend Father, Arturo Sosa, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus, landed in Kinshasa on Easter Monday, April 22, 2019, at 5:15 pm. He was accompanied by his two Assistants, Fratern Masawe, S.J., and Vernon D'Cunha, S.J. The delegation was welcomed at N'djili International Airport by Father José Minaku, S.J., Provincial Superior of Central Africa (Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo), accompanied by six Jesuits and two students from Bonsomi Jesuit College. They welcomed Father General warmly with a short speech in English and offered him a bouquet of flowers.

  • Father General Celebrates Easter in Cameroon

    Jean Amegble SJ, AOC communications

    Fr Arturo Sosa SJ celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in the West Africa Province (AOC) at the courtyard of the provincial house, St Peter Fabre in Douala, Cameroon. The Mass gathered Jesuits, friends of the Ignatian family and Collaborators.

  • Father General marks Good Friday in Douala, Cameroon

    Father General, Arturo Sosa SJ arrived in Cameroon on Good Friday after his first visit to Chad, where he visited several Jesuit works. He was accompanied by his two assistants, Fr Fratern Masawe SJ (Africa) and Fr Vernon A. Decunha SJ (Asia) as well as the provincial of the West Africa Province (AOC) Fr Hyacinthe Loua SJ.

  • Father General visits Mgr Munzihirwa Centre in Central Africa Province (ACE)

    Opening the future to young people injured by life


    By Pierre Bélanger, S.J.


    "The Society of Jesus wants, with an ardent desire, to walk with young people towards a future full of hope". This is the challenge that the Mgr Munzihirwa Centre faces in the supervision and training of street children, but also of unemployed young people. Stanislas Kimpeye, presented the work he leads to Father General and the Provincials of the Conference of Africa and Madagascar who accompanied him. At the same time, it highlighted the links between the CMM's perspectives and two of the Society's apostolic preferences: to walk with the excluded and to accompany the young.

  • Father General’s Paschal Triduum in West Africa Province

    “The first evening, after he had arrived from the airport I gazed at Father General sitting relaxed as if he had always been here, a member of the community. I did not feel as if he was someone who came from Rome, from the Curia, who was passing through.

  • Getting ready to welcome Fr. General in West Africa

    For the first time since his election, Fr. Arturo Sosa will visit two countries in the vast Jesuit Province of West Africa. He will spend the Triduum of the Holy Week participating in the liturgical celebrations in two parishes of the Society of Jesus. First in N'Djamena, Chad, on Holy Thursday, then in the Douala area in Cameroon, for the remainder.

  • Interview with Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ at the end of Father General’s visit to West Africa Province (AOC) of the Society of Jesus

    Jude Forbi SJ(JF):Father General, Arturo Sosa SJ is visiting the western part of Africa and the central part of Africa and with us here, we haveFr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ the President of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM). Father welcome!

    Fr. Orobator: Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to be here.

    JF: Father in your welcome message to the General who is visiting West Africa and Central Africa provinces, you stated that Father General is going to discover the vibrancy, the passion of the Jesuits and their partners and the church in this part of Africa.

    So far, what do you make of his visit at this stage in West Africa Province?

  • Le Général de la Compagnie de Jésus en visite dans la PAO

    Par Honoré Onana Olah SJ

    Le père Arturo Sosa, Général de la Compagnie de Jésus va effectuer du 16 au 22 avril 2019 une visite dans la Province jésuite de l’Afrique Occidentale (PAO). Une rencontre qui va notamment le conduire au Tchad et au Cameroun qui font partie des 14 pays que compte la province (Bénin, Burkina-Faso Cameroun, Centrafrique, Congo Brazza, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinée Conakry, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger, Sénégal, Tchad et Togo).

  • Le T.R.P. Général dans la Province d’Afrique Centrale

    Par Rodrigue Ntungu SJ

    Le Très Révérend Père, Arturo Sosa, S.J., Supérieur Général de la Compagnie de Jésus, a atterri à Kinshasa ce lundi de Pâques, 22 avril 2019 à 17h15. Il était en compagnie de ses deux Assistants Généraux, les Pères Fratern Masawe, S.J. et Vernon D’Cunha, S.J. La délégation a été accueillie à l’aéroport international de N’djili par le Père José Minaku, S.J., Supérieur provincial d’Afrique centrale (Angola et République Démocratique du Congo) qu’accompagnaient six jésuites et deux élèves du Collège jésuite Bonsomi. Ces derniers ont souhaité au Père Général une chaleureuse bienvenue, dans une courte allocution en anglais, et lui ont offert un bouquet de fleurs.

  • On se prépare à recevoir le P. Général en Afrique occidentale

    Pour la première fois depuis son élection, le P. Arturo Sosa fera une visite dans deux pays de la grande Province jésuite d’Afrique occidentale. Il y passera les jours du Triduum pascal et vivra les célébrations de la Semaine sainte dans des paroisses de la Compagnie de Jésus. Ce sera d’abord à N’Djamena, au Tchad, le Jeudi Saint, puis dans la région de Douala, au Cameroun, pour la suite.

  • P. Arturo Sosa SJ: Je suis heureux d’être accueilli au Tchad

    Par AOC Communications

    Le père Arturo Sosa, Général de la Compagnie de Jésus, est enfin arrivé dans la Province de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (AOC). Juste à son arrivée au Tchad, le père Emmanuel Orobator, SJ, président du JCAM, a adressé un message pour lui souhaiter la bienvenue tout en assurant le père Général qu’il apprécierait le dynamisme, l’énergie et à la passion des jésuites et de leurs collaborateurs dans la mission dans cette partie du monde.

  • Présentation des Préférences Apostoliques Universelles dans l’ACE

    Par Emery Mumbere, S.J.

    La rencontre du Père Général avec les jésuites présents à Kinshasa, hormis les Scolastiques en philosophie, a eu lieu ce vendredi 26 avril 2019 à la Résidence Saint Pierre Claver. Tout a commencé par une photo de famille prise devant la chapelle de la résidence. Ceci fait, tous les compagnons présents se sont rendus dans une des salles de conférence pour un entretien avec le Père Général.

  • Presentation of Universal Apostolic Preferences in the Central Africa Province (ACE)

    By Emery Mumbere, S.J.

    On April 26, 2019, Father General, Arturo Sosa SJ, met with the Jesuits of the Central Africa Province (ACE) who were present at the Residence Saint Pierre Claver in Kinshasa, during his visit of the Province. It all started with a family photo taken in front of the residence's chapel. Once this was done, all the companions present went to one of the conference rooms for a presentation with Father General.

  • What Pope Francis’ visit to sub-Saharan Africa means for the region

    by Gerard O’Connell, American Magazine

    Pope Francis returns to sub-Saharan Africa for the second time on Sept. 4 to 10. He will visit Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius—specifically the capitals of the countries that are all former colonies of different European powers.

    In an exclusive interview with America, the president of the Jesuit Conference of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar, Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, S.J., spoke about the significance of the pope’s visit, not only for the three countries he will visit but also for the Catholic Church in this continent of 54 countries and 1.3 billion people (17 percent of the world’s population).