• 22 men mark a new beginning during a diaconate and priestly ordination at the Hekima Jesuit School of Theology

    diaconate and priestly ordination in Hekima University College

    Anastasia Makunu | JCAM Communications Officer 

    On Saturday, March 2, 2019, Jesuits, friends, and families gathered at the Hekima Gardens in Nairobi’s Hekima University College to witness the ordination of 21 deacons and one priest. 18 Jesuits were joined by four Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) in a celebration that marked a new journey, a new beginning, a new mission. The well-animated Eucharistic celebration began at 10 am (local time), as planned.

  • A New Horizon: Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus

    A New Horizon: Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus

    By Marcel Uwineza SJ1

    A new horizon for discernment in common, guidance and orientation for apostolic planning of the Society of Jesus’ resources at all levels was ushered in on February 19, 2019 by Fr. Arturo Sosa’s promulgation of the new Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs). These preferences are: (1) Promoting Discernment and the Spiritual Exercises; (2) Walking with the Excluded; (3) Journeying with Youth; and (4) Caring for our Common Home.

  • A Perspective on Discernment and "Spiritual Exercises" : Universal Apostolic Preference 1

    Universal Apostolic Preferences

    Amadi Eziokwubundu SJ | Communications Coordinator at ITCJ

    I was in company of a group of university students the day after Father General promulgated the Universal Apostolic Preference. Talks on discernment and spiritual exercises, one of the four apostolic preferences, make rare appearances in our conversations. When I informed the group that the Jesuits have elected to give more priority to discernment and the Spiritual Exercises for the next ten years, an eerie silence fell upon the group as though a common judgement has come upon us.

  • Colloque sur la formation en leadership (CFL) module 4: Province Jesuite de Madagascar


    Le quatrième module du CFL s’est tenu le 09 au 15 décembre 2018 au Sanctuaire St Jacques Berthieu Ambiatibe. Ce fut la dernière séance mais pas le moindre comme l’a annoncé le P. Provincial Ratsimbazafy Fulgence SJ, dans son discours. Et « il faut finir en beauté », a-t-il ajouté en encourageant tous les participants à avoir cet état d’esprit. En interpellant les participants dans leur processus de changement, il a réitéré que chaque fin est le début d’un autre processus.

  • Derniers vœux de PP. Hervé pamphile, Rolland, Christian Nirina

    « Le Préposé Général, ou celui qui tient de lui le pouvoir d’admettre à la profession, après avoir célébré publiquement la messe dans l’église, en présence de ceux de la maison et des autres de l’extérieur qui se trouveront là, se tournera avec le Saint Sacrement vers celui qui va faire profession », Constitution [525]. Les PP. Rakotomalala Hervé Pamphile, Rabenarivo Rolland et Rakotosolofo Christian Nirina ont prononcé leurs derniers vœux dans la Compagnie de Jésus, en ce mois de Février.

  • East African Jesuits running the London marathon

    Fr Kyara Corbinian SJ is a Tanzanian Jesuit who works in the East African Jesuit Development office in Nairobi, Kenya. In less than one week, he will be joining fellow East African Jesuit Fr Alexander Wainaina SJ for the London Marathon.

    Along with the Jesuit Missions London Marathon team, they will be running in memory of Fr Victor Luke Odhiambo SJ who tragically died whilst serving in South Sudan in November 2018. Fr Kyara was one of the last people to see Fr Victor Luke before he died.

  • Echo de l’atelier sur le discernement ignatien et leadership

    Pères François Buhando, sj et Jean-Pierre Luzolo sj

    Il s'est tenu du 16 au 18 août 2019 à Nairobi (Roussel House Donum Dei) un atelier de formation des formateurs de jeunes dans le leadership et le discernement ignatien. Ledit atelier s'est inscrit d'une part dans l'appel du Pape François au terme du Synode sur les jeunes (octobre 2018) à accompagner les jeunes dans le discernement et d'autre part dans la réponse de la Compagnie de Jésus clairement exprimée dans les préférences Apostoliques Universelles : accompagner les jeunes dans la création d'un avenir porteur d'espérance.

  • Father General begins visit in the Central Africa Province (ACE)

    By Rodrigue Ntungu SJ

    The Most Reverend Father, Arturo Sosa, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus, landed in Kinshasa on Easter Monday, April 22, 2019, at 5:15 pm. He was accompanied by his two Assistants, Fratern Masawe, S.J., and Vernon D'Cunha, S.J. The delegation was welcomed at N'djili International Airport by Father José Minaku, S.J., Provincial Superior of Central Africa (Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo), accompanied by six Jesuits and two students from Bonsomi Jesuit College. They welcomed Father General warmly with a short speech in English and offered him a bouquet of flowers.

  • Father General Celebrates Easter in Cameroon

    Jean Amegble SJ, AOC communications

    Fr Arturo Sosa SJ celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in the West Africa Province (AOC) at the courtyard of the provincial house, St Peter Fabre in Douala, Cameroon. The Mass gathered Jesuits, friends of the Ignatian family and Collaborators.

  • Formation of Jesuits and teachers of Saint Ignatius schools in Kigali, Rwanda on protection and safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults

    By Fr Olivier Kayitare SJ Rector of Saint Ignatius High School and CPO for Rwanda Burundi Region

    On Saturday, March 9, 2019, Jesuits and teachers of Saint Ignatius High School and Ecole Primaire Saint Ignace gathered at the school hall to follow a one-day formation on child protection and safeguarding. It was attended by around 50 people. The facilitator was Mr. Theodore Nzeyimana, a child safeguarding activist who has worked with various child protection organizations in Rwanda and is well versed with the theme of child safeguarding. Fr Olivier Kayitare SJ, who is a CPO for Rwanda-Burundi Region coordinated the session.

  • Formation of Jesuits and their Collaborators in Burundi on Protection and Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults

    By Fr Felix Barutwanayo SJ, Rector, Lycee du Saint Esprit in Bujumbura & CPO RWB 

    It was on a cloudy morning of March 9, 2019, that Jesuits and their collaborators from all the Jesuit apostolic works in Burundi gathered at the Emmaus Spiritual Center in Bujumbura to follow a one-day initial formation and sensitization session on child protection and safeguarding for minors and vulnerable adults. It was attended by 80 persons mainly from Lycee du Saint Esprit, Saint Aloysius of Gonzaga Fundamental School, Emmaus Spiritual Center, young people who are members of choirs at our chapels and the personnel of JRS Great Lakes.

  • Four books launched at the Hekima University College in Nairobi

    by Gandaf Walle Jean-Pierre SJ

    Three Jesuits presented their books at an event held at the Hekima University College - Jesuit School of Theology Auditorium in the afternoon of September 4, 2019.
    This academic sharing gathered not only students and lecturers but also members of JCAM among whom the president and the spiritual center of Mwangaza. Four books were presented.

  • Francis to visit three African nations, each one dealing with tensions

    by Joshua J. McElwee, Vatican

    This article appears in the Francis in Africa 2019 feature series. View the full series.

    VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis is preparing to make only his second visit to sub-Saharan Africa next month, and it appears that it could be one of the most politically delicate among his previous 30 trips abroad.

  • ICAJE and Secretariat for Education Share their Reactions to the Universal Apostolic Preferences 2019-2029

    By Rafa Galaz, Educate Magis

    The International Commission for the Apostolate of Jesuit Education (ICAJE) and the International Secretary for Jesuit Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education share their first reactions to the publication by Fr. General of the Universal Apostolic Preferences for the Society of Jesus for the next 10 years.

    This February, Fr. General Arturo Sosa SJ shared a text presenting the 4 Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) for the next 10 years with the entire apostolic network of the Society of Jesus, Jesuits and collaborators in mission.

  • Inaugural Graduation Ceremony of Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU) 2019

    May 30, 2019, marked the first Graduation ceremony of Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU), having been certified and accredited by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) as a fully registered and chartered university in Zimbabwe on 3 December 2018.

    Named after Father Pedro Arrupe, Superior General of the Society of Jesus from 1965-1983, for the past 26 years, the institution has equipped academics with not only intellectual skills but conscience and compassion inspired by the Catholic Faith as an associate college for the University of Zimbabwe.

  • Interview with Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ at the end of Father General’s visit to West Africa Province (AOC) of the Society of Jesus

    Jude Forbi SJ(JF):Father General, Arturo Sosa SJ is visiting the western part of Africa and the central part of Africa and with us here, we haveFr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ the President of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM). Father welcome!

    Fr. Orobator: Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to be here.

    JF: Father in your welcome message to the General who is visiting West Africa and Central Africa provinces, you stated that Father General is going to discover the vibrancy, the passion of the Jesuits and their partners and the church in this part of Africa.

    So far, what do you make of his visit at this stage in West Africa Province?

  • JCAM Novice Directors Training Workshop on safeguarding of children

    JCAM Novice Directors (Africa and Madagascar) held a meeting in Nairobi to enhance safeguarding in their respective novitiates. Honoré Onana Olah spoke to one of the participant Fr. António Virgílio de Oliveira e Costa, S.J., the novice director at Xavier House in Lusaka, Zambia.

  • Jesuit Historians can be young men

    Jesuit Historians can be young men

    The Archive team has been quite busy in mid-February. Just after the meeting of a group of archivists from the six Jesuit Conferences, Fr. Brian Mac Cuarta, academic director of the ARSI, met with several directors of Jesuit Historical institutes. The main reason for bringing these people together was to respond to the mandate, given by General Congregation 36, to seek greater collaboration within our works and ministries.

  • Kenyan Franciscan Brother Wins 2019 Global Teacher Prize

    Brother Peter Tabichi has been praised as an "exceptional teacher" who gives away most of his salary - VARKEY FOUNDATION

    BBC News || By Sean Coughlan, Family and Education Correspondent 

    A science teacher from rural Kenya, who gives away most of his salary to support poorer pupils, has won a $1m prize (£760,000) for the world’s best teacher.

    Peter Tabichi, a member of the Franciscan religious order, won the 2019 Global Teacher Prize.

    Brother Peter has been praised for his achievements in a deprived school with crowded classes and few text books.

    He wants pupils to see “science is the way to go” for their futures.

  • Le Père Général en visite à l’archevêché et au Collège Libermann

    Par Jude Forbi SJ, AOC Communications

    Le matin du samedi saint, le Père Général Arturo SOSA S.J a visité l’archevêché de Douala notamment Monseigneur Samuel Kleda et le Cardinal Christian Tumi . Ce fut de très heureux échanges en présence du Père Fratern Massawe, SJ, Assistant Ad providentiam pour l’Afrique, le Père Orobatar, SJ, président du JCAM.