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  • “INTEGRAL ECOLOGY: The care of our common home” International Conference

    Washington, D.C. USA (Georgetown University) - The Director of the JCAM Justice and Ecology Office (JEO), Fr. Charles Chilufya along with Fr. Rigobert Minani, the convenor of the Ecclesial Network for the Congo Basin and the Secretary for Justice and Ecology at the Jesuit Curia in Rome, Fr. Xavier Jeyaraj are participating in an International Conference dubbed “INTEGRAL ECOLOGY: a synodal response from the Amazon and other essential biomes / territories for the care of our common home” taking place from March 19th to 21 at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

  • A New Horizon: Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus

    A New Horizon: Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus

    By Marcel Uwineza SJ1

    A new horizon for discernment in common, guidance and orientation for apostolic planning of the Society of Jesus’ resources at all levels was ushered in on February 19, 2019 by Fr. Arturo Sosa’s promulgation of the new Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs). These preferences are: (1) Promoting Discernment and the Spiritual Exercises; (2) Walking with the Excluded; (3) Journeying with Youth; and (4) Caring for our Common Home.

  • Fr. Orobator: South Sudan’s leaders renewed and committed to peace

    Before the moving and unprecedented gesture of Pope Francis kneeling (with difficulty) to kiss the feet of South Sudan's previously warring political leaders, Thursday evening, the preacher of the retreat, Nigerian Jesuit priest, Father Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator spoke to Pope Francis on behalf of the leaders.

    By Paul Samasumo – Vatican City

  • Francis to visit three African nations, each one dealing with tensions

    by Joshua J. McElwee, Vatican

    This article appears in the Francis in Africa 2019 feature series. View the full series.

    VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis is preparing to make only his second visit to sub-Saharan Africa next month, and it appears that it could be one of the most politically delicate among his previous 30 trips abroad.

  • Give up gossiping for Lent, pope suggests


    ROME — Lent is a good time to concentrate on fighting the urge to gossip about others and instead trying to correct one’s own faults and defects, Pope Francis said.

    Reciting the Angelus prayer at noon March 3 with pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square and visiting the parish of St. Crispin in Labaro, a suburb on the northern edge of Rome, later that afternoon, Francis focused on the line from the day’s Gospel: “Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own?”

  • Pope Francis confirms Jesuits’ mission for next 10 years

    Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus

    By Ricardo da Silva | Spotlight.Africa

    The Jesuits have today announced their “Universal Apostolic Preferences” for the next ten years. These have been decided after a long discernment process and have been confirmed by Pope Francis, as Ricardo da Silva SJ reports.

    “Reconciliation today is the most heartrending cry of humanity.” These were the words of Arturo Sosa, the superior general of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), when he wrote to Jesuits the world over in October 2017. He wrote asking them to begin the process of discernment of their Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) for the next ten years.

  • Pope Francis this week heads to Africa to visit Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius. He will focus on environmental and political issues — as well as spiritual

    Father Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ, President of the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM), speaks to Sylvia Poggioli of National Public Radio (NRP) on the importance of inter-religious dialogue during the Pope's upcoming trip to Africa.


    Pope Francis is heading, this week, to three southeastern African nations - Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius. Why there? NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports.

  • Pope to Give Concluding Address at South Sudan Spiritual Retreat in Vatican

    Pope Francis exchanges gifts with South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit during a private audience at the Vatican, Saturday, March 16, 2019. (Credit: AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino, Pool.)

    Alessandro Gisotti Issues Statement on April 10-11 Encounter in the Vatican With the African Country’s Civil and Church Leadership

    By Deborah Castellano Lubov 

    Pope Francis will address top South Sudanese civil and church authorities in the Vatican.

    Alessandro Gisotti, Director of the Holy See Press Office, stated this in a statement he issued today, April 9, about the spiritual retreat in the Vatican, April 10-11, in which the highest civil and ecclesiastical authorities of South Sudan will participate. The Pontiff, he said, will give a closing address on Thursday afternoon.

  • Pope: 2019 Ratzinger laureates teach us to engage in active dialogue with cultures

    At a ceremony in the Vatican on Saturday, 9 November 2019 Pope Francis conferred the Ratzinger Prize on Canadian Catholic philosopher Charles Margrave Taylor, and Jesuit priest Father Paul Béré of Burkina Faso, a renowned scholar of Sacred Scripture. Although the 2019 Ratzinger Prize winners come from different continents and cultural backgrounds, Pope Francis said, they teach us that theology should "be and remain in active dialogue with cultures”, always seeking the way to God and the encounter with Christ.

  • Pope’s Message for World Mission Day 2019: Reviving missionary awareness and commitment

    'This missionary mandate touches us personally: I am a mission, always; you are a mission, always; every baptized man and woman is a mission'

    By Mwelu A. Makunu, JCAM Communications

    In this year’s World Mission Sunday the Holy Father called on all Catholics and the Church to revive missionary awareness and commitment. A message released by Vatican on Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis writes about the importance of renewing the Church’s missionary commitment and giving fresh evangelical impulses to her work, preaching and bringing to the world the salvation of Jesus Christ. The World Missionary Sunday falls on the penultimate Sunday of October every year. It will be observed on October 20, this year, with the theme "Baptized and Sent: The Church of Christ on Mission in the World."

  • Spiritual retreat with South Sudan leaders in Vatican: time to choose life

    Pope Francis meets South Sudan's President Salva Kiir in March 2019  (Vatican Media)

    A Spiritual Retreat involving civil and ecclesiastical authorities of South Sudan is held in the Vatican, and is opened by the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. Reflections include a meditation centered on the national anthem of Africa’s youngest country.


    By Giada Aquilino, Vatican News

    A time of grace dedicated to reflection and prayer, to ask God "for a future of peace and prosperity for the people of South Sudan".

  • The “Consiglio Allargato” had no shortage of subjects

    Father General reconvened his “Extended Council” from 9 to 13 September in Rome. As a reminder, the members are not only the Counsellors of the General and his Regional Assistants, but also the Presidents of the six Jesuit Conferences around the world and the heads of the Secretariats based at the Curia.

  • The Pope abolishes the pontifical secret in cases of sexual abuse

    Pope Francis is now making testimony collected in canonical processes available to legal authorities.

    Vatican News

    Two documents are destined to make a lasting mark: Pope Francis has abolished the pontifical secret in the case of sexual violence and the abuse of minors committed by members of the clergy. He has also decided to change the norm regarding the crime of child pornography by making the possession and dissemination of pornographic images of children under the age of 18 which fall under the category of delicta graviora – the most grave delicts.

  • The Pope visits the General Curia of the Society of Jesus

    The Director "ad Interim" of the Press Office of the Holy See, Alessandro Gisotti, responding to the questions of some journalists confirmed that yesterday the Holy Father went privately to the General Curia of the Jesuits.

    Vatican CITY

    "I can confirm that yesterday the Holy Father went privately to the General Curia of the Jesuits, where he had lunch with the Superior General, Father Arturo Sosa, and with the brothers of the Society of Jesus", said the Director "ad Interim " From the Press Office of the Holy See, Alessandro Gisotti, answering the questions of some journalists, on Monday, July 8, 2019.

  • What Pope Francis’ visit to sub-Saharan Africa means for the region

    by Gerard O’Connell, American Magazine

    Pope Francis returns to sub-Saharan Africa for the second time on Sept. 4 to 10. He will visit Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius—specifically the capitals of the countries that are all former colonies of different European powers.

    In an exclusive interview with America, the president of the Jesuit Conference of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar, Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, S.J., spoke about the significance of the pope’s visit, not only for the three countries he will visit but also for the Catholic Church in this continent of 54 countries and 1.3 billion people (17 percent of the world’s population).