JCAM Formation Assembly comes to a close

The fifth and last day of the Formation Assembly focussed on the small group discussions, around key areas, which are the structure of formation, the process of formation, personnel, and resources. Each group came up with recommendations around these four areas. See the recommendations {here}

Day four of the Formation Assembly

The fourth day of the JCAM Formation Assembly kicked off with a prayer as has been the norm throughout the sessions, then Brother Reginald Cruz, an invited speaker from Xaverian Brothers took the podium to speak about the transformative and creative ways of fulfilling the mission of formation in Africa and Madagascar.

JCAM Formation Assembly Day Four Video Interviews

On this day we interviewed two participants. One a Jesuit and the other a lay participant.

Interview 1: Fr Mark Ravizza SJ
Fr Mark Ravizza SJ is the General Counsellor for the Society in Rome. He is one of the guests at the JCAM Formation Assembly from Rome, and took participants through a process of spiritual conversations and a discernment process.

Day Three of the Formation Assembly

The third day of the Formation Assembly begun with a prayer session, followed by a presentation by Fr Mike Lewis SJ, which was on renewing Identity, Mission and Profile of Jesuits in Formation and Formators. Like the second day, we received some interesting statistics in the form of maps showing us different realities of Africa now and in the future - African will remain unwealthy relative to other continents, war and violence was seen to be a major life experience which has impacted most of us and other faiths are gaining ground relative to Christianity and Catholicism in particular. This is the global context which our formation is invited to take into consideration.

Formation Assembly Day Three Video Interviews

On this day we interviewed two participants. One a lay participant, and the other a Jesuit from the South Africa Region (SAF)

Interview 1: S. Grant Tangay SJ
S.Grant Tangay SJ, from Hekima University College speaks on his take home today, being the third day of the Formation Assembly. S. Grant SJ is from South Africa Region (SAF).

Day Two of the Formation Assembly

In the first talk from Fr Mark Ravizza SJ, he brought our attention to some interesting statistics: The majority of men in formation in the Society of Jesus is moving towards the Global South in the future. This means that the decisions we make now in formation will impact a substantial part of the Society of Jesus in the future. The Society of Jesus will be younger in the future: Men in the Global South tend to be younger. This is in the context of a dwindling body of the Society of Jesus. Therefore, there is a need for Global formation.

Formation Assembly Day Two Video Interviews

On this day we interviewed two participants. One a lay participant, and the other a Jesuit from the Rwanda Burundi Region (RWB)

Interview 1: Catherine Waiyaki
Catherine Waiyaki, the World CLC/CVX Secretary, is one of the lay participants at the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) Formation Assembly, that is happening in at Chem Chemi Retreat Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. Here is what she shared with us through an interview.

JCAM Formation Delegate's welcome message to the Formation Assembly 2019

As the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) prepares to begin the Formation Assembly this Monday, 9 December 2019, we caught up with Fr John the Baptist Anyeh SJ, the Socius of JCAM Socius and the Formation Delegate, who shared on the theme and the objectives of the Assembly.

Assemblée de La Formation 2019

Transformer la mission de formation en Afrique et Madagascar dans le contexte de la foi et des préférences apostoliques universelles

Du 8 au 14 décembre 2019
Vin nouveau dans des outres neuves (Lc 5 : 37-38)

La Compagnie de Jésus considère la formation comme une « priorité de priorités ». Le Père Peter-Hans Kolvenbach a élaboré un ensemble de documents sur les différentes étapes, préoccupations et objectifs de la formation dans la Société.

Planning Team for Conference Formation Assembly meeting in Nairobi in preparation for December

Aug 29-30: The team planning for the JCAM Formations Assembly scheduled to take place in December 2019, had a second meeting at the Hekima University College in Nairobi, Kenya.

The first step in the process was to put together a steering committee including 2 Province Formation Delegates, 2 Rectors, 1 Provincial and The Conference Delegate of Formation.

Conference-wide Assembly on Formation

The Society of Jesus considers formation as “priority of priorities.” Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach developed a set of documents on the various stages, concerns, and objectives of formation in the Society. In 2014, Fr. Adolfo Nicolás launched a programme of renewal of intellectual formation in the Society, with special emphasis on context, content, competencies, and charisms. The Formation Centres in the Conference have initiated programmes of review and revision of their curricula in line with the directives of Fr. Nicolás.