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JCAM Tertianship Inaugurated in Cape Town, South Africa

By Fr. Jim McGloin SJ

On a cold, rainy evening in the Christian Brothers Centre in Stellenbosch, the Cape Town Tertianship was officially opened. Fr. Rowan presided at an evening Mass, which was attended by the seven tertians who had arrived, the tertian instructor and his assistant, the Cape Town local Jesuit community and Br. Terry Dowling, the director of the Centre. Apart from welcoming the pioneer tertians to the beginning of this new tertianship, Fr. Rowan pointed out that they are not the first tertians in South Africa.

Press Release: Ahead of the EU Summit at Salzburg



Nairobi, 18.09.2018

Don’t fight migrants, but migration root causes

Nairobi/Nuremberg/Munich/Vienna: On July 31, 2018, Jesuit heads from Germany, Austria, and Africa addressed a letter to the Austrian EU Presidency, Foreign Secretary Dr. Karin Kneissl titled “Flows of migrants, flows of money”. They protested against any narrative depicting migrants as a threat to Europe’s stability and prosperity. They pointed out instead, to a correlation between migration to Europe, and the exploitative financial flows that are doing the same. So far, this letter has not received any reply.

Beginning Well is Ending Well

By Amadi Eziokwubundu SJ

A closing academic ceremony marks the end of a school year. The bulk of the work that gives a school its shape happens much earlier in the year. But it is the beginning that very often orients or reorients a school toward its raison d’être, defines the grain and lustre, and the shine that presages its success. Gathering on September 15 to mark the opening of the 2018-2019 academic year, the academic community of the Institut de Théologie de la Compagnie de Jésus (ITCJ) did more than sounding the whistle that announced the beginning of another academic year. It reminded itself of the work done, of what must be done in the new academic year, and commended the new year to the care, guidance, and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Hekima Bids Farewell to Ms. Divinah Nyarea

By Honore Onana Olah SJ

On Wednesday, September 12, on the feast of the Holy Name of Mary, Hekima University College, a Jesuit institution, bid farewell to one of its collaborators, Ms. Divinah Nyaera, after the traditional Wednesday school Mass. After the proclamation of the Gospel by Deacon Osarodion Iriabe SJ, Father Peter Knox SJ, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, explained the meaning of this celebration in the Church during his homily.

African educators commit to promote peace education in schools

By Frederic Byumvuhore

Educators from 11 African countries have expressed commitment to ensure that young Africans are well educated about peace and values the continent needs. The delegation of 15 Jesuit Education Directors made their pledge Friday after concluding a three-day workshop at Peace School at Kigali Genocide Memorial. Hosted byAegis Trust, the workshop enabled the participants to discuss embedding critical thinking, empathy and positive values in their teaching.

Press Release

Press Release:
Kigali 14th September
Aegis Trust and the Jesuits Forge New Partnership to Bring Values-Based Education to African Schools

Aegis trust and the Jesuits in Africa have called for African countries to adopt a values-based education that can transform Africa toward peace and justice. Fifteen Jesuit Education Directors from 11 African countries are meeting with the Aegis Trust at Kigali Genocide Memorial - Peace School from 12th to the 14th September, to forge a new partnership to introduce Peace and Values Education in Jesuit schools across Africa.

The Pope Video, September 2018: Africa’s greatest resource is its young people

“Africa is a wealthy continent, and its greatest, most valuable resource is its young people,” remarks Pope Francis in the September edition, of The Pope Video. He says that young people in Africa “should be able to choose between letting themselves be overcome by difficulty or transforming the difficulty into an opportunity”. The Pope adds that the best way to help them in this choice is to invest in their education. “If young people don’t have the possibility of education, what future can they have? If young people don’t have a job, what future awaits them?” he asks.

Pope Francis summons the world’s top bishops for sexual abuse prevention summit

By Gerard O’Connell, American Magazine

Pope Francis has summoned the president of every bishops conference around the world to a summit meeting in the Vatican on the theme of “the protection of minors.”

The Feb. 21-24, 2019 meeting is believed to be the first of its kind and signals a realization at the highest levels of the church that clergy sex abuse is a global problem and not restricted to the Anglo-Saxon world, as many church leaders have long insisted.

“A selfless ecological commitment”

In the African region, the gap between water availability and water demand is growing fast, especially in cities where urban population is expected to nearly quadruple by 2037, suggesting a probable massive increase in wastewater production from African cities. Current water management systems cannot keep up with the growing demand and the estimate is that half of the urban infrastructure that will make up African cities by 2035 has yet to be built. This scenario poses several challenges and offers opportunities to break away from past (inadequate) water management approaches and to shift to innovative water management solutions, such as integrated urban water management which includes the use of treated wastewater to help meet increasing water demand. (Source: UN World Water Development Report 2017)

Hekima College: new President of the Students' Association takes office

By Honore Onana Olah SJ

Indeed, Wednesday, September 05, 2018 will remain engraved in the memory of the Hekima academic community as the day where the former president of the Students’ Association (2016-2017), Fr. Victor Awiti SJ, now a priest, blessed Taroh Amedee SJ, the new president for the 2018-2019 academic year. Fr. Awiti presided over a Mass at the Hekima Chapel, accompanied by Deacon Honoré Onana Olah SJ.

An ESDAC retreat in the Rwanda-Burundi Region

 By Thierry Manirambona SJ

Article Originally in French...Read On!

On August 3-8, 2018, 29 Jesuits from Rwanda-Burundi Region (RWB) experienced a retreat at the novitiate Notre Dame de la Route in Cyangugu. The retreat was facilitated by Franck Janin SJ, president of the Jesuit Conference of European Provincials (CEP) and Miss Luisa Rossi from the community of L'Arche. This was the first of its kind in the RWB region, initiated by Fr Jean Baptiste Ganza SJ, the provincial.