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Planning Team for Conference Formation Assembly Second meeting in Nairobi in preparation for December

Aug 29-30: The team planning for the JCAM Formations Assembly scheduled to take place in December 2019, held a second meeting at the Hekima University College in Nairobi, Kenya.

The first step in the process was to put together a steering committee including 2 Province Formation Delegates, 2 Rectors, 1 Provincial and The Conference Delegate of Formation.

The mandate of the pre-planning meeting is to chart the course of events leading to and including the JCAM Formation Assembly scheduled for the 8th – 14th of December 2019.

The objective of the JCAM Formations Assembly meeting is drawn from the JCAM Formation Delegates meeting that took place in Lagos-Nigeria in June 2018, after considering the history of formation across the Conference of Africa and Madagascar, proposing a grand meeting to outline a process of renewing and updating Formation in the Conference with the following specific objectives:

1. Envision new and creative ways of fulfilling the mission of formation in the present context of Africa and Madagascar
2. Renew and align the mission of formation in Africa and Madagascar with the universal apostolic preferences of the Society of Jesus and generate processes for their implementation.
3. Identify cross-cutting issues in formation with regard to the formation of Ours and the formation of formators and develop coordinated responses.
4. Share best practice as an impetus for stronger collaboration and foster a strong Jesuit identity, enhance accompaniment of Jesuits in formation, and coordinate the transition between different stages of formation.
5. Envision and develop a profile of Jesuits in Africa and Madagascar at different stages of formation and identify the necessary resources and programmes for achieving this profile.

As the preparation process continues, it is hoped that the various structures across the Conference will continue to implement the resolutions and enter into meaningful conversations to achieve desired objectives.


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