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Congratulations to the newly ordained priests

SimpasaAndrew Simpasa SJ
I have often been captivated by words of Our LORD, Jesus Christ, to his disciples, “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” Indeed, the LORD has been propitious, kind and gracious to me.

I was born in Livingstone, Zambia where I did my primary and secondary education. I did my undergraduate studies at University of Zambia and later post-graduate studies in Tokyo, Japan. While at University of Zambia, I also served in the Zambia Young Christian Students (ZYCS) implementing various youth formation programmes in some high schools and colleges. I worked in government agencies for over ten years serving, among others, as Human Resources Officer, Administration Officer- Services, with the functions of Business Risk Manager, Divisional Budget Controller and Divisional Human Resources and Training Co-ordinator.

I joined the Society of Jesus in 2010. After two years of novitiate in Lusaka, I was missioned to study philosophy in Harare, Zimbabwe at Arrupe College, Jesuit School of Philosophy. After philosophical studies, I was missioned to work as a Regent at the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) where I served as Programme Officer and later Programme Manager for the Socioeconomic Development Programme. While at JCTR, I was also serving at St. Mary’s Parish in Matero, Lusaka, in the Youth Ministry and Sunday Children’s services. After Regency, I was missioned to Hekima College, Jesuit School of Theology, in Kenya to study Theology. Upon completion of studies at Hekima Jesuit School of Theology, I was missioned to second cycle theology at the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University in Berkeley where I am currently based. I was ordained to the presbyterate on 6th August 2019, in Lusaka. I am filled with profound gratitude to the Church and the Society of Jesus, first for its unyielding and decisive option with the continuation of the missionary work that was begun by the LORD. Second, for considering me in this mission. Indeed, all is grace upon grace!

(Andrew ordained a priest on 6 August 2019 in Zambia)

DlaminiDlamini Godfrey SJ
I was born in Filabusi in a family of 8.
I entered the Society of Jesus on the 3rd of July 2008, Lusaka Zambia after having interacted with Jesuits such as Fr Nigel Johnson SJ in Bulawayo and Br Jonathan Mandaza at St Paul’s Musami where I began my candidacy.

In March 2019 I was ordained deacon after completing Theology studies at Hekima College in Nairobi, Kenya. But before studying for theology, I studied Philosophy and Humanities at Arrupe Jesuit University, then called Arrupe College from 2010 to 2014.

On completion, I was then assigned to St Peter’s Kubatana in Harare for regency. In 2018 I worked with refugees in South Sudan.
My inspiration is drawn from Saint Oscar Romero and mostly inspired by his quote “You cannot reap what you have not sown, how are we going to reap love in our community if we only sow hate?”

(Godfrey ordained a priest by Archbishop Robert Ndlovu in Chitungwiza, on 3 August 2019 in Zimbabwe)