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Inaugural Graduation Ceremony of Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU) 2019

May 30, 2019, marked the first Graduation ceremony of Arrupe Jesuit University (AJU), having been certified and accredited by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) as a fully registered and chartered university in Zimbabwe on 3 December 2018.

Named after Father Pedro Arrupe, Superior General of the Society of Jesus from 1965-1983, for the past 26 years, the institution has equipped academics with not only intellectual skills but conscience and compassion inspired by the Catholic Faith as an associate college for the University of Zimbabwe.

This year was a new beginning, a big and first milestone for the institution as it awarded graduates of Masters Degrees with certificates.

Now a part of the global network of Jesuit higher education AJU is striving to educate and form women and men of competence, compassion, conscience, and commitment.

The Inaugural Graduation started on a high note with liturgy followed by a grand graduation ceremony.

Rev. Fr Roland Von Nidda SJ gave the opening remarks and welcome address before the Mass, while the AJU Rector, Fr Gibson Munyoro SJ gave the homily. Present, also, in the Mass celebration was Archbishop Robert.C. Ndlovu of Harare and Bishop Nyandoro of Gokwe.

Rev. Dr. Valeria Shirima, SJ was the Guest of Honor and Vice Chancellor's Delegate. Fr. Shirima was the first Rector of Arrupe College and the first JESAM (JCAM) President.


Read message from Dr. Kizito Kiyimba SJ, Vice Chancellor of Arrupe Jesuit University.



1. Rev. Dr. Valeria Shirima, SJ (on the far right) awarding a certificate

2. All graduands

3. Group photo