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Universal Apostolic Preferences promulgated

Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAP)

The much-anticipated announcement of the universal apostolic preferences has given new impetus to the apostolic mission of the Society. Discerned by the universal apostolic body of the Society, under the leadership of Father General Arturo Sosa SJ, and confirmed and conferred by Pope Francis, we now have a clear apostolic road map for the next ten years. In the larger scheme of things, ten years is a short time. But much can be achieved with courage, creativity, and determination.

In the words of Fr. Sosa, “The preferences seek to unleash a process of apostolic revitalization and creativity that makes us better servants of reconciliation and justice.” As we say, all hands must now be on deck – Jesuits, collaborators, and partners in mission – to achieve the goals and objectives of these preferences

For the Society in Africa and Madagascar, we have participated in the discernment process; now, we own these preferences and we commit to their realization for the greater glory of God.

As one of our forebears once declared: the enterprise is begun; it is of God and it cannot be withstood.

There are the 4 universal apostolic preferences that will be in effect for the next 10 years.


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