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Hekima University College African Art Exhibition 2019

"The creative power of Africa lies in its ethnic diversity, a potent commodity with which the artists of this continent have colored and circumscribed their expressive energy as humanistic, original and eclectic. Bose Fagbemi, one of the most innovative curators of the continent, invests in the ethnic diversity of Africa to compose an artistic experience with sixteen artists, thus bringing a secret coding system to play, in which four multiplied by four is not just sixteen, but also an infinite binary experience that gave birth to the scientism of indigenous computation..."Prof Moyo Okediji

Welcome to Hekima University College African Art Exhibition 2019


On behalf of the Trustees, Council, Staff, and Students of Hekima University College, I welcome you to this exhibition of African Arts at the Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa (JHIA). As an institution of the Society of Jesus (aka Jesuits) in Africa and Madagascar, JHIA's vision within Hekima University College is to provide a cost-effective environment for the world to see and experience the religious histories, cultures, and traditions, of the people of Africa and Madagascar.

This is the first time that we are holding an art exhibition of this magnitude. I am grateful to the Director of JHIA, Rev. Dr. Jean Luc Enyegue, and the entire team at the institute who have over the years managed to create an excellent environment for researchers from across the globe to access African records – especially publications that are otherwise only available in libraries/historical institutes in Europe and America. JHIA has now included African arts in the above goal and vision of collecting and preserving vital records on Africa.

I thank the other admin staff of Hekima University College and the curator (Ms. Bose Fagbemi) for helping to organise this exhibition. You have contributed to our short-term goal of pursuing activities that will ground the JHIA vision. This exhibition has already created more visibility for the work of Hekima University College, particularly JHIA's sustained effort in the collection and preservation of African works.

Finally, I thank all those who helped to sponsor this exhibition. In particular, we are grateful to the anonymous donor who paid for the curating expenses on behalf of Hekima University College. You have contributed greatly to the Jesuit tradition that spans several centuries of promoting various art forms. Asante sana! May God bless you all!

Rev. Dr. John Okoria Ibhakewanlan SJ
Principal, Hekima University College

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