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JCAM Development Office

Due to the more than 300 different ministries that Jesuits and our partners lead in Africa and Madagascar, there has been a need to foster greater coordination and develop a “ministry of fundraising” to support these same ministries. In 2013 The JESAM Development Office was created by the Provincials and Superiors of JESAM to address this need.

While especially tasked with the support of the five Jesuit formation centers located in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Ivory Coast and DRC Congo, the JDO also facilitates development of a common vision and collaboration among the 9 provinces of the JESAM Conference and the leaders of these many ministries. It does this especially by working with the 9 development offices of the provinces and regions of the conference.

Just as Ignatius considered the financial support of the early ministries a vital part of the larger life of the Society of Jesus, today the JDO is a supportive financial and networking ministry in building up those structures for incarnating – making real and concrete - the Gospel that daily touches so many on the continent through the hands and hearts of Jesuits and our partners in ministry.


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