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JCAM Development Office

The Mission of the Society of Jesus since the time of its foundation by St Ignatius has always relied on the generosity of women and men whose readiness to share in supporting the works of the Society has created the very best of Universities, Schools and Colleges, Social Centres, Retreat and Spirituality Centres, the support of Refugees and countless other identifiably Jesuit works.

Such generosity has historically also supported the long years of training and formation of younger Jesuits as well as the medical support of those Jesuits whose years of service are coming to an end and whose ministry is now to pray for the Society and for the Church as well as for all of our benefactors.
There are many ways to support the Mission of the Society of Jesus around the world. Our concern here in the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar is to strengthen the resources which this youngest part of the Society can draw upon to carry forward the work of building the Kingdom of God in the service of God’s people.

Prayer for the Church around the world is, of course, a most valuable thing and alongside prayer is what was once called almsgiving and is sometimes spoken of in other terms – partnering in mission, as planned giving, as solidarity with those in need.

If you are at all able to share something of what you have in support of the Mission of the Society of Jesus in Africa and Madagascar you will find below a number of ways in which that can be carried forward. And if your giving is only through prayer then know that you too are remembered and counted in the prayers and masses for benefactors which are offered each month by all Jesuits all across the world.



  • Pay by bank transfer
  • Establish an institutional link
  • Consider a legacy


Thank you for your generosity and support.